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Nina Simon ’21
Nina Simons ‘21 is a Senior and second-year staffer and page editor for Tower. She is very hardworking in school and is learning both Spanish and French to fluency. Simons loves politics and is a legislative intern for a state representative internship, she is also a communications director for a nonprofit organization that helps with educational inequalities, Bringing Hope Back Home. Simons has also started a March of our Lives chapter in Grosse Pointe and has been very successful. When Simons is not in school or living as a philanthropist, she likes going on walks early in the morning with her two poodles, Bindi and Bale. Her favorite holiday is Christmas and loves it because she and her friends always spend time together at church, late into the evening. I love Tower because of the atmosphere, a funny quirky group of kids, sharing a community with other hardworking writers,” Simons said.

Nina Simon '21, Page Editor

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Nina Simon ’21