Link Crew: Connecting classes

Nina Simon ’21, Page Editor

Graphic by Jackson Marchal ’21

Link Crew is accepting applications starting Wednesday, March 11th. Information can be found in the online message sent to students by Mrs. Paravano. Topics covered include leadership positions and how students can apply.

Link Crew is a student organization meant to ease the transition for middle schoolers into highschool. They are in charge of student tours at South and freshmen orientation in the summer.

“It’s basically to get to know you,” Link Crew Commissioner Julia Hartnett ‘21 said. “It is a multi-wave process where they ask you what you would improve about South, who you are as a person, and that sort of stuff.”

According to Hartnett, Link Crew helps to ease students’ minds as they move into South. She believes it is great to foster relationships between upperclassmen and freshmen.

“People should apply because it is a great thing to help students through their journey at South,” Hartnett said.