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Missing Buses arent new for the GPS athletic teams -- the job shortage caused by the pandemic has left South with transportation issues since last year.

Missing buses cause difficulties across South athletics

Audrey MacGillis '25, Staff Writer September 30, 2022

The Athletic Program is rooted deep into South’s history and tradition, and with over 25 sports and 60 percent student participation, involvement in sports is a major part of being a South student....

Athletes pasta parties are finally allowed to return after years of COVID protocols

Life is full of pasta-bilities

Ava Biter '25, Copy Editor September 30, 2022

As students and staff are trickling back into the way things used to be before Covid, both old and new traditions and events are coming back that team athletes are taking a liking to. Now that Covid...

GETTING THE W Henry Fish ’22 runs to the cheering Blue Devil crowd with the rest of the Varsity Boys Soccer team following behind, celebrating their victory against town rival North on Sept. 9.

Early season battle shows soccer team’s metal

Margot Murphy '23, Associate Web Editor in Chief September 28, 2022

Under the Harvest Moon, the Varsity Boys Soccer Team scored a 2-1 victory against town rival, North, in front of the boisterous Blue Devil student body. On Friday, Sept. 9, Devil’s Den and the Blue...

Savannah Spangler ‘25 on the left and Morgan Deenik 24 on the right.

Girls Track team runs into regionals, winning second place

Sophia Kapla '23, Staff Writer June 7, 2022

The Track and Field team had their State Regionals on May 21 and had great success. Usually the meet is hosted at South, but this year, because MHSSA staff made a few errors in selecting sites, the meet...

5 Best Sports for Summer

5 Best Sports for Summer

Ella Pazuchowski '23, Staff Writer May 31, 2022

1. Biking Summer weather makes biking the easiest and most enjoyable activity during the summer. Biking allows you to get some fresh air while traveling to the places you need to be. Running errands,...

Which Detroit Team has the brightest future?

Which Detroit Team has the brightest future?

Owen Parent '23, Copy Editor May 13, 2022

Zero playoff wins since 2013. Teams with postseason droughts of three, five, six and seven years. Detroit has been tirelessly searching for a winner since the mid-2010’s, with little to no success. However,...

Upcoming summer sports camps

Upcoming summer sports camps

Ella Pazuchowski '23, Staff Writer May 13, 2022

Michigan Football Camps University of Michigan is offering multiple football camps throughout the summer. The four camps include a “Big Man” camp and three prospect camps. The camps allow you to...

Girls softball steals another win

Girls’ softball steals another win

O'Hara Diamond '23, Page Editor May 6, 2022

With the spring sports season succeeding, teams are adjusting to their new members and a new year. On April 21 at 4:30, Grosse Pointe South varsity softball Blue Devils went head to head with the Port...

Molly Perkins ’22, left, and Meghan Wysocki ’22, right, use their tennis rackets to give each other a high five while switching positions on the court after scoring another point during the quad competition on April 16.

Girls’ tennis aces North, Athens and Cousino

Grace Whitaker '22, Web Editor May 3, 2022

On Saturday, April 16, the Girls Varsity tennis team competed in a quad against Grosse Pointe North, Cousino, and Troy Athens. Molly Perkins ’22 was pleased with her and her partner’s performance...

Q & A: South sails to victory

Q & A: South sails to victory

Julia Kado '24, Staff Writer April 29, 2022

Q: What has the season been like thus far? A: “So far, we have placed first in both of the state qualifiers for nationals, which will send us to the regional qualifiers which will take place in...

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