Five minutes with track star Madison Duff


Maddison Duff’ 23 racing at a Girl’s Track Meet.

Kelly Gavagan '23, Staff Writer

Even though it’s only her second year on the girls track team, Madison Duff ‘23 is competing at the state level on June 3. After a tight race at regionals on May 19, Duff , Clare Zurowick ’23, Selga Jansons ’23 and Ella Pazuchowski ’23 placed second at a time of 4 minutes and 16.7 seconds.
Last year was Duff’s first season of track, but she’s been doing sports since about fifth grade. In high school she played basketball, volleyball and eventually track after being convinced by her former gym teacher.
“Freshman year, Coach Z was my gym teacher and every day he would try and convince everyone to join track,” Duff said. “I remember thinking ‘I don’t know about that’, but last year he sent me a letter saying ‘this is the last year I’m going to try and recruit you’, and I had heard good things about the team, so I finally gave in.”
In track, the athlete’s run against people from their team and other teams, but theyre really just competing against themselves, according to Duff. She was nervous at first to join a sport that’s not a “team sport”, but Duff felt closer to her track teammates than others.
“Even though it’s considered an individual sport, the track community is very supportive and welcoming,” Duff said. “Other sports I’ve done have felt more competitive and stressful, with basketball only five girls are on the court at a time and everyone wants the most playing time. But with track everyone gets to run or do an event.”
Track certainly lived up to Duff’s expectations. Out of all of the sports she’s done, track stands out because of the atmosphere.
“There’s so many things I love about track,” Duff said. “Like playing red light, green light during captains practices, and everyday when the freshman bug me for rides. It’s safe to say I’m very glad I joined the track.”