The Tower Pulse

2017-2018 Staff

Victoria Gardey

Copy Editor

Victoria Gardey is a sophomore and copy editor. In her free time she enjoys reading, running and playing her violin.

Elizabeth Wolfe

Page Editor

Elizabeth Wolf is a page editor on the Tower. She is a sophomore and this is her first year on the staff. She has an undying love for choir and will never shut up about her two cats.

Aidan Walsh

Page Editor

Aidan Walsh is a first year staffer and sophomore learning page design. He is a captain of the JV football team, and hopes to go to MSU for college.

James Ulku

Staff Writer

James Ulku is a Junior and a first year staff writer. He enjoys mother nature in every way and is a down to earth fella.

Imran Siddiqui

Copy Editor

Imran Siddiqui is a copy editor on The Tower, and it is his first year on staff. He is a sophomore who spends his free time making microwaveable mug cakes and writing in the third person.

Maura Shine

Page Editor

Maura Shine is a sophomore and first year page editor who thoroughly enjoys Donald Trump and all of his works.  She supported him since he decided to run, and she clearly backed the right horse.  She also enjoys going to the ...

Claire Sheeren

Copy Editor

Kaitlyn Perkins

Copy Editor

Kaitlyn Perkins is a senior and this is her first year on staff. In her free time she enjoys binge watching netflix, hanging out with friends, and sleeping until 3 p.m.

Lauren Nemeh

Page Editor

Lauren Nemeh is a sophomore, first year staffer and a page editor. Lauren enjoys playing volleyball and eating sushi.

Anne Muawad

Page Editor

Caitlin Miller

Staff Writer

Caitlin Miller is a Senior at Grosse Pointe South and a first year staff writer on the Tower newspaper. She is a figure skater at St. Clair Shores figure skating club, and has been skating for 11 years. ...

Eva McCord

Staff Writer

Eva McCord is a freshman at Grosse Pointe South and first year staff writer on The Tower Newspaper.  Her passions include writing, illustrating, and learning mundane facts to tell at inconvenient moments....

Charlie Matthews

Staff Writer

Evie Kuhnlein

Staff Writer

Evie Kuhnlein is a Sophomore.This is her first year as a staff writer and she enjoys caffeine with every meal.

Dan Klepp

Staff Writer

Daniel is a sophomore and a first year staffer who enjoys long walks on the beach and reading poetry late at night in a candle-lit room until he cries himself to sleep.  His great-great-uncle was a member of the Black Hand....

Zachary Heimbuch

Assistant to Tower Radio

Zach Heimbuch is a Junior at Grosse Pointe South and is proud to hold the respected position of “Assistant to the Tower Radio”. He enjoys the simpler things in life, such as peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and long sock...

Elizabeth Flower

Copy Editor

Elizabeth Flower is a first year staffer and copy editor for Tower. She enjoys running on South’s cross country team, reading, and playing with her dog, Millie.

Dominic Dulac

Copy Editor

Isabella Craparotta

Staff Writer

Isabella is a first year junior staff writer. Her favorite color is purple and she loves her dog, Pasha.

Solana Bryson

Staff Writer

Solana is a senior at Grosse Pointe South and a first year staff writer for the Tower newspaper. She is a hockey player for the Grosse Pointe South varsity hockey team.

Jack Bellamy

Staff Writer

Julia Ambrozy

Staff Writer

Julia is a Sophmore and a first year Staff Writer, she enjoys 44 oz BP coke slurpees and listening to One Direction.  She also plays softball for Grosse Pointe South and has been playing for about 8 years....

Madeline Allen

Staff Writer

Madeline Allen is a sophmore and a first year staff writer. She likes to spend her free time volunteering with kids, writing, painting, and being in nature.

Sylvia Hodges

Copy Editor

Sylvia Hodges ‘19 is a second-year staffer and copy editor.  She loves mac n cheese, soccer, and was once in a Disney Friends For Change commercial.

Riley Lynch

Supervising Editor, Graphics

Riley Lynch is a Junior and second-year staffer.  She specializes in graphic design and mainly creates editorial cartoons for the paper in addition to writing.  In addition, she loves bees, screaming, and causing scandals. ...

Phoebe Miriani

Copy Editor

Phoebe is a first year staffer and the co-supervising editor of photos. Phoebe enjoys eating spoonfuls of nutella out of the jar and talking about how funny she is. She is also Jimmy Fallon’s #1 fan. ...

Margot Baer

Staff Writer

Margot Baer is a 3rd year staff writer who enjoys photography, vegan snax, longboarding and getting guacward with the drippin fam. #squadgoals #litaf #pizzafamasf

Liz Bigham

Editor in Chief

Liz Bigham is a senior at South and is the Editor in Chief of the Tower. When she is not working on Tower, she can be found at the library.

Liam Walsh

Supervising Editor

Liam Walsh is a senior and a third year staffer, now a Supervising Editor at large. He loves Spanish and makes burritos professionally.

Kaitlin Nemeh

Page Editor

Kaitlin Nemeh is a second year staff writer for the Tower. In her limited free time she LOVES taking cat naps with her cats and spending an ungodly amount of time rowing starting her days at 4:45 am. She procrastinates while do...

Lauren Thom

Staff Writer

Lauren is a third year senior staff writer. In addition to Tower, she enjoys shopping with her mom and indulging herself in a Culver’s combo meal.

John Schulte

Staff Writer

John Schulte is a senior and second year staff writer. His favorite activities include doing calculus and tossing with the boys.

JD Standish

Page Editor

JD Standish is a junior at south high school this is his third year on staff. He is a page editor who is very dedicated. JD plays lacrosse golf and skis and enjoys lobster.

Harper McClellan

Staff Writer

Harper McClellan is a senior second year staff writer and face of staff writers. When she isn’t pursuing her love for journalistic writing, she is drawing inspiration from penny boarding and sipping Arizona tea. ...

Griffin Jones

Graphics Manager

Griffin Alexander Jones is a 3rd year senior at Grosse Pointe South and a second year staffer on the Tower Newspaper. He loves candy, graphic design, and artsy stuff. Woot

Claire Koeppen

Managing Editor

Claire Koeppen is a junior and enjoys watching Criminal Minds, getting Wally’s, and hanging out with her dog. Her favorite things are getting food (preferably burgers and tacos) and listening to Christmas music all year rou...

Bianca Pugliesi

Supervising Editor, Copy

Bianca Pugliesi is a junior and the Supervising Copy Editor for the Tower. She is an avid pizza-eater and loves her dog very much.

Alyssa Czech

Associate Editor

Alyssa Czech is a junior and is the Associate Editor of the Tower. She likes playing hockey and field hockey and baking and her favorite food is ice cream.

Alex Acker

Tower Radio Executive Producer

Alex Acker, is in his second year on the Tower Staff. His position is Tower Radio Executive Producer. He plays tennis for South and works for the Farms Park as a tennis coach in the summer.

Chase Clark

Page Editor

Chase Clark is a senior and a page editor for the tower. He has been on staff for three years. He enjoys fantasy football and Annie’s Homegrown shells with white cheddar mac and cheese.

Cameron Smolen

Page Editor

Cameron is a third year staffer and holds the position of Page Editor. He enjoys sitting in front of the tv at night and cracking open a good book; he also believes that saturdays are for the boys.

Audrey Whitaker

Managing Editor, Entertainment

Audrey Whitaker ’19 is excited for her second year on staff as the managing entertainment editor.  Besides Tower, Audrey enjoys sailing, hiking, eating pasta and rewatching The X-Files.

Abi Due

Managing Editor, Social Media

Abi Due is a senior and this is her third year on staff. She enjoys snowboarding and playing tennis.

Rachel Harris

Supervising Editor, Copy

Rachel is a senior and a third-year staffer. Rachel is the Supervising Copy Editor on staff. Besides spending time in the Tower room, Rachel is the Student Association President and tennis captain. She likes running and avocados....

Ray Hasanaj

Supervising Editor, Page Editor

Ray Hasanaj is a junior third year staffer. He is supervising page editor and has no idea what he is doing in Fantasy Football. He picked a kicker fifth round. Smh.  

Blair Cullen

Staff Writer

Blair Cullen is a second (and a half?) year staff writer. Her talents include finishing 44 oz diet cokes in a very little period of time. RIP Bruggers.

Piper Eschenburg

Staff Writer

Piper Eschenburg is a first year staff writer.  In her free time she plays with her dog, who doesn’t have a tail, and feels sorry for him.

Arianna Pagenette

Managing Editor, Sports

Arianna Pagenette is a junior, a Starbucks enthusiast and second year staff writer for the Tower. She enjoys cheerleading at football games, rowing and volunteering at the St. Louis Center.

Ian Dewey

Copy Editor

Ian Dewey is a second year Copy Editor on the Tower staff.  He specializes in local politics, and enjoys sleeping for absurd portions of the day.

Alyssa Cole

Staff Writer

Alyssa Cole is a junior at Grosse Pointe South high school, and is a staff writer for the Tower. She dances and sings all the time, is obsessed with chocolate, and is really hyper constantly.

Grace Reyes

Associate Editor for Pulse

Grace Reyes is currently a junior at Grosse Pointe South, and the Associate Editor of the Tower Pulse. She only eats the kraft spongebob mac and cheese and can count to 10 in Spanish.

Katherine Bird

Supervising Editor

Katherine is entering her third year on the Tower staff and holds the position of Supervising Editor of Page Editors. When Katherine isn't at Tower you can catch her probably sleeping, avoiding school work or both. Don't talk...

Brennan Zihlman

Staff Writer

Brennan Zihlman is a junior at Grosse Pointe South. He is the executive producer of the Tower Radio. Brennan aspires to provide news to students in a creative and entertaining way. He is a member of Grosse Pointe South’s Ulti...

Sarah Stevenson

Staff Writer

Sarah Stevenson is a junior and and enjoys eating watermelon, watching The Office, sailing, and photography. Follow her on vsco @sstevenson to see some dope pictures.

Olivia Mylnarek

Staff Writer

Olivia Mlynarek is a junior and this is her second year as a staff writer. In her free time she enjoys running and eating pasta.

Henry Ayrault

Editor in Chief of Pulse

Henry Ayrault is Editor in Chief of the Tower Pulse website, and he is a Junior. He enjoys eating Grilled Cheese and playing Golf, although he doesn’t usually do these things at the same time. ...

Katie Costello

Staff Writer

My name is Katie Costello, and I am in tenth grade. I run cross country in the fall, and play soccer in the spring for South. My favorite subject in school is science.

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