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2022-2023 Staff

Madeline Kitchen 24
Supervising Copy Editor

Madeline Kitchen ’24

Madeline Kitchen ’24 is a second year staffer for The Tower, and has taken on the role of supervising copy editor this year. Kitchen has always gravitated towards Tower, due to the sense of comfort and kindness she felt when...

Owen Parent 23
Supervising Copy Editor

Owen Parent ’23

Owen Parent ‘23 has been writing for the Tower since he was a sophomore, and this year will be the supervising copy editor. He loves the Tower community, along with a journalistic writing style. “I know there’s more voice...

Jane Kuhnlein 23
Supervising Page Editor

Jane Kuhnlein ’23

Jane Kuhnlein ’23 is a third year staffer and holds the position of Supervising Page Editor for The Tower. Besides early morning editorial board meetings and late night deadline dinners, she keeps herself busy by running cross...

Ohara Diamond 23
Supervising Page Editor

O’hara Diamond ’23

O’hara Diamond ’23 is a second year staffer and supervising page editor for Tower. Outside of Tower, Diamond dedicates her free time to working at Ace Hardware, running for the Track and Field team and being a member of ...

Noelle Whorf 23
Copy Editor

Noelle Whorf ’23

Noelle Whorf ’23 is a first-year copy editor and is thrilled about her new experience on this year's Tower staff. Originally from Chicago and part of a long line of filmmakers, artists, and journalists, she knew this class would...

Maria Wortman 24
Copy Editor

Maria Wortman ’24

Maria Wortman ’24 is a first-year staffer and a copy editor on the Tower. Other than Tower, Wortman loves to travel. Being bilingual helps her a lot. She loves to read and is excited to write on the Tower. “I’m excited...

Lydia McNanney 23
Copy Editor

Lydia McNanney ’23

Lydia McNanney is a third-year staffer and copy editor for The Tower. McNanney leads a very busy life, balancing both figure skating and cross country with the numerous clubs. She is an active participant in S.A., Science Olympiad,...

Paul Kaminski 24
Copy Editor

Paul Kaminski ’24

From taking honors journalism, Paul Kaminski ‘24 has found that he loves journalism and talking to different people. As he joins The Tower he plans to bring his extroverted self outside of the classroom into his writing. “In...

Layla Demir 24
Copy Editor

Layla Demir ’24

Layla Demir ’24 is a first-year copy editor. Demir is a member of the varsity cheerleading team here at South, starting her junior year. The Tower is a very tight-knit and friendly community, which is what Demir was looking...

Sarah Cook 25
Copy Editor

Sarah Cook ’25

Sarah Cook ’25 is an incoming copy editor who has an addiction to anything coffee-related in addition to being an avid soccer player. “I take pride in soccer… this year I made varsity and I made an effort to practice a lot...

Ava Biter 25
Copy Editor

Ava Biter ’25

After spending her summer protecting her neighborhood as a lifeguard at her local pool, Ava Biter ’25 is excited to join The Tower staff as a first-year staff writer and copy editor. Balancing school work, time with friends...

Isabella Haindl 24
Copy Editor

Isabella Haindl ’24

  For Isabella Haindl ’24, being part of a community is very important. Haindl works hard on balancing her junior year, playing for the varsity field hockey team and being the president of the class of 2024. As class...

Julia Roeder ’25
Page Editor

Julia Roeder ’25

Sitting in front of the television, utterly transfixed by whatever snappy Today news segment she was supposed to be treating as white noise, 8-year-old Julia Roeder ’25 knew a future in journalism was inevitable. Now in her firs...

Elizabeth Peberdy 24
Page Editor

Elizabeth Peberdy ’24

Elizabeth Peberdy ’24 is thrilled to be a first-year Tower staffer. She enjoyed the prerequisite Honors Journalism course, as well as the environment and people in the class. She thinks the fun atmosphere of Tower stands apart...

Vincent Maffesoli
Page Editor

Vincent Maffesoli ‘

Vincent Maffesoli ’24 is a first year Page Editor. Other than his passion for writing, his favorite subject in school is science. “I love science because of how big the field is, and you can do a lot with it,” Maffesoli...

Dailey Jogan 24
Page Editor

Dailey Jogan ’24

Dailey Jogan ’24, is a second-year staff writer and page editor. Her interest in the Tower is rooted in tradition, as both her mother and brother were alumni of the Tower newspaper. Within Tower this year, she is most looking...

Giada Cavaliere 23
Page Editor

Giada Cavaliere ’23

Putting together elegant outfits is a tricky art, practiced daily by third-year staffer Giada Cavaliere ’23. As a page editor, her love of design carries over into sewing together sleek page designs and might be what she studies...

Charlotte Glasser 25
Page Editor

Charlotte Glasser ’25

Charlotte Glasser ’25 is a first-year Tower staffer, and will be working as a page editor. Glasser was drawn to the Tower because she likes how it’s open to everyone who wants to join. You don't need any experience or be an...

Natalie Lemmen 24
Web Editor

Natalie Lemmen ’24

If you have ever looked through a Grosse Pointe South yearbook from the last three years, just know that every single one of those pages was strategically pieced together by Natalie Lemmen. As this year's co-editor of the yearbook,...

Dylan Schoenfeld 23
Web Editor

Dylan Schoenfeld ’23

Dylan Schoenfeld ’23 is on her second year as a Tower web editor, though she started her journalistic career as a staff writer. Being in a class with her friends and participating in some of her favorite things is what makes...

Omar Siddiqui 25
Web Editor

Omar Siddiqui ’25

Wearing soccer jerseys to school may have given it away, but Omar Siddiqui ‘25 dedicates long hours year-round to playing soccer for both South and his club team, DCFC. Although the soccer field has been a familiar space to...

Jane Van Syckle 23
Web Editor

Jane Van Syckle ’23

First-year web editor Jane Van Syckle ’23 might seem like your average teenager, but it’s quite the opposite. Being a web editor comes with a lot of stress, but mostly, Van Syckle loves her job on Tower. "I love Tower because...

Jules Kado 24
Web Editor

Jules Kado ’24

For Jules Kado ’24, writing for The Tower has been a long time coming. Ever since she was a child, Kado has had a passion for writing. “I would carry around a little notebook with me when I was a kid and write down little...

Jacob Ashkar 23
Social Media Manager

Jacob Ashkar ’23

  Jacob Ashkar ’23 is a third-year staffer and social media manager of The Tower. He joined The Tower because he liked the environment and opportunities it provided him. “I really love the experiences journalism gives...

Grace Campbell 25
Staff Writer

Grace Campbell ’25

School teaches a lot of the same, boring techniques on how to write. This is how Grace Campbell ’25 discovered her love for journalism. “I like how you learn about a lot of different styles of writing and a lot of different...

Jet Miller 24
Staff Writer

Jet Miller ’24

Even though he decided to take this class on a whim, Jet Miller is willing to give journalism a shot and become a hardworking staff writer for the Tower newspaper. “I thought it’d be a cool experience,” said Miller ’24....

Sara Dimitrijevic ’25
Staff Writer

Sara Dimitrijevic ’25

First year staffer Sara Dimitrijevic ’25 is excited to be writing for The Tower this year. Dimitrijevic is thrilled to be able to write about exciting topics that interest her. Her passion for writing will carry on this ...

Siobhan McGlone 25
Staff Writer

Siobhan McGlone ’25

A lover of lacrosse and cooking, Siobhan McGlone takes on her first year of The Tower, fulfilling the role of a staff writer. With McGlone’s confidence in her review and sports-writing skills, this year’s publications will...

Sophia Kapla 23
Staff Writer

Sophia Kapla ’23

Sophia Kapla ’23 has been on Tower staff for three years. She loves journalism because it allows her to express her opinions freely and inform people about significant events. Kapla especially loves writing sports stories, so...

Maggie Obrien 25
Staff Writer

Maggie Obrien ’25

Starting as a first year staffer on tower, Maggie O’brien ’25 is starting her Tower career off right as a staff writer. O’brien is a social, funny, and outgoing person, and is over the moon excited to start this new chapter...

Hannah DiDio 25
Staff Writer

Hannah DiDio ’25

Managing a busy schedule as a student athlete, Hannah DiDio ’25 is constantly finding new ways to pursue her passions both in and out of school. DiDio swims for South, Gators, and the Country Club of Detroit, always keeping...

Audrey MacGillis 25
Staff Writer

Audrey MacGillis ’25

Audrey MacGillis ’25 has many interests aside from writing. If she's not swimming or reading, you might find her listening to Taylor Swift or Phoebe Bridgers, her two favorite artists. MacGillis has always loved writing and...

Kelly Gavagan 23
Staff Writer

Kelly Gavagan ’23

Kelly Gavagan ’23 is entering her second year of Tower as a staff writer. After taking a hiatus from Tower during her junior year, she is ready to come back in full swing as a senior. “I admire the community The Tower has...

Chloe Polizzi ’23
Staff Writer

Chloe Polizzi ’23

Chloe Polizzi ’23 is a third-year staff writer for The Tower. Becoming a member of the staff has helped her in ways that didn’t just enhance her writing ability, but encouraged her to branch out to students and adults...

Millie Gates 24
Staff Writer

Millie Gates ’24

After a summer in the sun at the community pool, Millie Gates ‘24 is excited to get back into the game as a student council member and first-year staff writer for the Tower. Gates swims competitively and is a page editor this...

Paulina Gallagher 23
Staff Writer

Paulina Gallagher ’23

Second-year staffer Paulina Gallagher ‘23 is excited to be a staff writer for The Tower this year. “I love journalism because I love to talk,” Gallagher said. “I love to share my opinions, and I think that journalism...

Lucy Gabel 25
Staff Writer

Lucy Gabel ’25

Lucy Gabel ’25 is a first year staff writer who signed up for Tower by mistake. She decided to continue with the course and has found a new love for journalism. Gabel went to the Michigan International Press Association (MIPA)...

Joseph Strong 25
Staff Writer

Joseph Strong ’25

Joseph Strong ’25 is a first year staff writer for The Tower. Besides being a member on staff, Strong is a dedicated player on the JV B soccer team and a boy scout.“I’m scheduled to go to Philmont next summer, which is a...

Anamaria Garberding 23
Staff Writer

Anamaria Garberding ’23

Third-year staffer, Anamaria Garberding '23, is a Staff Writer for The Tower. As an active member of the South community, Garberding plays for the varsity tennis team and is the media coordinator for Interact Service Club. Garb...

Genevieve Boutrous 23
Staff Writer

Genevieve Boutrous ’23

Genevieve Boutrous ’23 is a staff writer this year. Boutrous likes that in Tower, there is such a large variety of directions to take, and there's no wrong story to cover. This year, she wants to cover more sports events and...

Sofia Boddy 25
Staff Writer

Sofia Boddy ’25

Sofia Boddy ‘25 is entering her first year as a member of the tower staff. She took honors journalism last year and is excited to finally get to write actual published stories. “I thought that writing in the newspaper would...

Emily Colen 23
Staff Writer

Emily Colen ’23

This open book is ready to put her words onto the pages of The Tower publication. First-year staffer Emily Colen ’23 is a staff writer looking to share her love for writing with the world. “I’ve always had a passion for...

Amanda Frantz 23
Supervising Photographer

Amanda Frantz ’23

Amanda Frantz ’23 is a first year staffer and a supervising photographer on the tower this year. Frantz was drawn to The Tower because of her love for photography, her passion for writing, and the importance of the student voice. When...

Katie Hamilton 24
Supervising Web Editor

Katie Hamilton ’24

Second-year staffer and Supervising Web editor, Katie Hamilton ’24 is excited for another year of Tower. Outside of Tower, Hamilton participates in various extracurricular activities, including throwing shot put and discus for...

Grace Wininger 23
Web Editor in Chief

Grace Wininger ’23

Curious, loyal and friendly, Grace Wininger ’23 has kept busy all four years at South being very involved and joining multiple teams and clubs, including Marching Band, Track and Field, Mock Trial and Science Olympiad. Always...

Ella Pazuchowski 23
Multimedia Manager

Ella Pazuchowski ’23

Along with being one of Grosse Pointe South’s swim team captains and a track and basketball athlete, Ella Pazuchowski ’23 has been on The Tower staff for two years now. Pazuchowski’s role as the multimedia manager this year...

Madison Turnbull 24
Business Manager

Madison Turnbull ’24

After an eventful summer of traveling and working two jobs, Maddie Turnbull ’24 is excited to get back into the school year as a second year staffer and business manager for the Tower. Not only is she spending her school year...

Margot Murphy 23
Associate Web Editor in Chief

Margot Murphy ’23

Margot Murphy is the Tower’s Associate Web Editor. This is her second year on staff. Margot originally joined the Tower because she wanted to write, but she was also very interested in photography. Margot saw the Tower as the...

Josh Sonnenberg 25
Graphics Editor

Josh Sonnenberg ’25

Josh Sonnenberg ’25 is Towers newest and most savvy graphics editor. This is Sonnenbergs first year on staff and he can’t wait for all the new experiences that come with Tower.“I love the opportunity this class gives me...

Morgan Payne 24

Morgan Payne ’24

Working two jobs at Lunchbox Deli and Antonios at the Park, Morgan Payne ’24 is not your typical South student. One of her many interests includes track and field-- she is thinking about joining South’s team this year. Payne...

Harrison Balfour 24

Harrison Balfour ’24

Harrison Balfour '24 describes himself as an ambitious person. He likes to face challenges, and to do so while succeeding. Success is an extremely important aspect of who he is. Besides being a photographer for The Tower, he finds...

Anna Czech 23
Print Editor in Chief

Anna Czech ’23

  Anna Czech is a New York City-obsessed teenager who keeps her high school days as busy as the hustle and bustle of life in the big apple, where she hopes to one day live. Czech balances her position on the Tower with...

Caya Craig 23
Print Editor in Chief

Caya Craig ’23

Caya Craig, Editor in Chief, seems to have lived her life to the fullest. She has had amazing life experiences such as spending four years in Spain. “I was really immersed in the culture. I got to learn the language and it was...