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2021-2022 Staff

Grace Wininger 23
Supervising Copy Editor

Grace Wininger ’23

Grace Wininger ’23, a second-year staffer, is the Supervising Copy Editor for the Tower. Her extracurricular activities include cross country and track, mock trial and marching band. She is passionate about running and using...

Anna Czech 23
Supervising Copy Editor

Anna Czech ’23

Anna Czech ’23 is a second year staffer who is eager to get going as a supervising copy editor this year on The Tower. Czeck has many other passions outside of The Tower, one of which is her aspirations of traveling. “...

Caroline Parent 22
Supervising Page Editor

Caroline Parent ’22

Caroline Parent '22 is a senior at South this year and the supervising page editor on our staff this year. Parent enjoys the friendly and supportive environment that the Tower provides. She is very involved in extracurriculars...

Maddie Kitchen 24
Copy Editor

Maddie Kitchen ’24

She knew the practical reason she signed up for Tower: it would expose her to a new style of writing and push her out of her comfort zone. But ultimately, copy editor Maddie Kitchen ’24 joined for the community of students dedicated...

Owen Parent 23
Copy Editor

Owen Parent ’23

Both in and out of school, music plays a large role in copy editor Owen Parent’s ’23 life. Parent said he finds himself listening to music throughout his entire day, and it helps him focus in school. “Music is pretty...

Mia Craparotta 22
Copy Editor

Mia Craparotta ’22

This year is Mia Craparotta’s ’22 3rd year on Tower staff, and her 2nd year as a copy editor, among many other things she participates in at South. Not only is she a varsity athlete playing field hockey and lacrosse, she’s...

Olivia McDougall 23
Copy Editor

Olivia McDougall ’23

Olivia McDougall ’23 is a second year copy editor on the Tower. She joined Tower because of her passion for writing. She became a copy editor because she wanted to make every story the best it can be. Joining Tower gave McDougall...

Maggie Quinn 22
Copy Editor

Maggie Quinn ’22

I think my favorite part about it has been making friends with everyone on the Tower… there’s definitely a family connection to Tower,” senior Maggie Quinn was eager to say. Quinn, a copy editor, finds her work light and...

Dailey Jogan 24
Page Editor

Dailey Jogan ’24

Dailey Jogan '24 will never back down from a challenge. Whether its an in-depth story or interviewing tough sources you can always find Jogan raising the bar. Besides being a page editor, you can find Jogan swimming laps in the...

Jane Kuhnlein 23
Page Editor

Jane Kuhnlein ’23

2nd-year staffer, Jane Kuhnlein ’23, is a page editor - a step outside the path her siblings took. Many of the clubs she participates in, such as SA and Tower, she joined on recommendations from her older sisters. She also ...

Cecile Walsh 24
Page Editor

Cecile Walsh ’24

New page editor Cecile Walsh '24 joins the Tower staff with a passion for academics and Taylor Swift. Walsh enjoys all things school and finds it taking most of her time. “Honestly, I focus very heavily on my academics. It's...

OHara Diamond 23
Page Editor

O’Hara Diamond ’23

O’Hara Diamond ‘23, a second year page editor has high hopes for her junior year on The Tower. Diamond is gearing up to learn more about page editing and wants to fine tune the skill she already has. Along with her duties for...

Giada Cavaliere 23
Page Editor

Giada Cavaliere ’23

Giada Cavaliere ’23 is a second year page editor on The Tower staff. Cavaliere’s favorite subject is English and her passion began after a speech she wrote for her eighth-grade graduation. “[My passion] also came from my...

Grace Whitaker 22
Web Editor

Grace Whitaker ’22

Grace Whitaker is your not-so-average ex-emo kid. The kind who shaved her head in middle school and went through a hard core Panic! At The Disco phase that never really ended. But Whitaker also lives a life of perseverance, especially...

Owen Sanford 22
Web Editor

Owen Sanford ’22

Owen Sanford ’22 understood the main reason he joined the tower. It was a great tradition at South that he wanted to pursue, but there were other reasons too. “Tower is also one of the last weekly newspapers in the country,”...

Katie Hamilton 24
Web Editor

Katie Hamilton ’24

“I’m very excited for Tower,” Hamilton said, “especially writing a story and having it show up in the newspaper for other people to read.” Hamilton is also involved with South’s track and field program, with a focus...

Caya Craig 23
Social Media Manager

Caya Craig ’23

As the social media manager of the Grosse Pointe South Tower newspaper, Caya Craig ‘23 has talked about how great of an experience it has been so far and how she is eager for what the school year holds. “There have been a...

Natalie Lemmen
Staff Writer

Natalie Lemmen

Growing up along her two triplets, for Natalie Lemmen ’24 individuality wasn’t just important, it was essential. She worked hard to establish herself as Natalie, not another one of her siblings. High school was a chance to...

Dylan Schoenfield 23
Staff Writer

Dylan Schoenfield ’23

Dylan Schoenfeld ’23 is a second year staff writer who loves tower for the people shes met in class and through interviews. Shoenfeld loves writing, and also considers herself quite the book worm. In her free time, she plays...

Madison Turnbull 24
Staff Writer

Madison Turnbull ’24

Being a teenager and managing the entire social advertising for the store, Village Palm, is no easy task, it takes hours even, but Madison’s determination never weathers. Madison Turnbull 24’ puts her full effort into balancing...

Sophia Kapla 23
Staff Writer

Sophia Kapla ’23

Sophia Kapla ‘23 has marked her place on Tower as a copy editor, as well as a former staff writer. Kapla has been a part of the Girl’s Varsity Swim and Dive team for three years, and hopes to be selected as a team captain...

Julia Kado 24
Staff Writer

Julia Kado ’24

Julia Kado is a sophomore and first-year staff member on the Tower. An avid reader and writer, these hobbies have helped influence her decision to pursue journalism in high school. She is also an avid fan of music and hopes t...

Jane VanSyckle 23
Staff Writer

Jane VanSyckle ’23

Jane VanSyckle ’23 is a first year staff writer. Her favorite subject in school is English, which inspired her to join The Tower. “I wanted to join The Tower because I like to write a lot. I like writing and reading about...

Michael Tengler 22
Staff Writer

Michael Tengler ’22

Michael Tengler is a senior and a staff writer for Tower. He couldn’t live without sushi. Outside of school, he really enjoys hanging out with friends, and playing soccer. He is one of the captains for the varsity soccer team....

Maren VanOsdol 22
Staff Writer

Maren VanOsdol ’22

Staff writer Maren VanOsdol ’22 has a passion for exploring as many opportunities as possible. Growing up she cheered and played tennis, but when Tower staffers visited her eighth grade English class, she thought it could be...

Emmett OKeefe 22
Staff Writer

Emmett O’Keefe ’22

Emmett O’Keefe ‘22 is the definition of school pride here at Grosse Pointe South. From co-president of Devils Den to two year staff writer here on Tower, he thoroughly enjoys promoting the many activities going on around the...

Ella Pazuchowski 23
Staff Writer

Ella Pazuchowski ’23

Ella Pazuchowski ’23 is a social, sporty, and outgoing person. She can’t wait to start her position as a staff writer on Tower. “I think my favorite part about writing and what I’m most excited for is getting to experience...

Caroline Peabody 22
Staff Writer

Caroline Peabody ’22

Caroline Peabody ‘22 is a third year staff writer for the Tower. One of her favorite things to do in her free time is hangout with friends, she also loves to draw. What Caroline likes most about Tower is having a flexible work...

Genevieve Boutrous 23
Staff Writer

Genevieve Boutrous ’23

Genevieve Boutrous ‘23, is a staff writer for the Tower newspaper and is thrilled to be a part of the staff for her second year. Within school, she is a two-year member of the girl’s lacrosse team, and plans on making the...

Anamaria Garberding 23
Staff Writer

Anamaria Garberding ’23

Anamaria Garberding ’23, is a staff writer this year for Tower Pulse and plays tennis for Grosse Pointe South. When she was eight years old, she moved to Italy due to her dad’s profession and attended an international school...

Meghan Wysocki 22
Print Editor in Chief

Meghan Wysocki ’22

Meghan Wysocki ’22 is a third-year staffer and an editor-in-chief for the upcoming school year. Meghan started out in Honors journalism with hopes of finding an activity that she could develop and strengthen skills in over her...

Olivia Walz 22
graphics editor

Olivia Walz ’22

Olivia Walz is a senior this year and the graphic designer advisor and director Tower. Walz was originally born in Shanghai, China. She was adopted by her parents when she was only 4 years old. In her free time, Walz likes to...

Evie Klepp ’22
Print Associate Editor

Evie Klepp ’22

As Evie Klepp ’22 enters her senior year and her third, final year on Tower, she is faced with a very busy schedule. During her summer, she mainly worked. When she did get some free time she spent it sleeping, traveling and...

Paige Evers 22
Website Editor-In-Chief

Paige Evers ’22

Paige Evers ’22 is a third year staffer and the Editor-in-Chief of the website. Outside of The Tower, Evers runs on the cross-country team and is the co-president of South’s podcasting club: South Speaks. This year, Evers hopes to...

Eleni Tecos 22
Print Editor-in-Chief

Eleni Tecos ’22

Eleni Tecos '22 is a third year staffer and the print editor-in-chief of The Tower. In addition to their work on The Tower, Tecos is dedicated to pursuing opportunities inside and outside of school to enrich their high school...

Margot Murphy 23
Supervising Photographer

Margot Murphy ’23

Margot Murphy ’23 is Towers new Supervising Photographor. She joined the staff this year after finding joy in photography during the COVID-19 pandemic. Murphy studies artistic and journalistic photography. “They are very...

Lydia McNanney 23
Business Manager

Lydia McNanney ’23

Lydia McNanney ’23 leads a busy and fast-paced life, playing three sports and involving herself in many other activities and clubs. McNanney is the Business Manager on Tower and is a second year staffer. Always finding an interest...

Becca Koch
Supervising Web Editor

Becca Koch

Becca Koch ’22, a 3rd year tower staffer is also a cross-country captain at South and is very involved in her school and community. As a senior, Becca is the Supervising web editor. Outside of school, she spent her summer working...

Anna Gulyas 23
Copy editor

Anna Gulyas ’23

Anna Gulyas ’23 is a second year staffer on Tower as a copy editor. She joined the Tower because she liked the environment and opportunities it provided her to step out of her comfort zone. “I really like the community that...

Lauren Griffin 22
Staff writer

Lauren Griffin ’22

Lauren Griffin ’22 is an outgoing, fun-loving staff writer who loves to celebrate life. When she’s not working at Starbucks (her favorite drink is the caramel macchiato), she loves to sleep, hang out with her friends and make...

Paulina Gallagher 23
Staff writer

Paulina Gallagher ’23

Paulina Gallagher ’23 is second year staffer on Tower and a staff writer. When Gallagher isn’t at school, she can be found at cheer practice for her position on the Varsity cheer team. Although Gallagher loves cheer, she loves...

Jacob Ashkar 23

Jacob Ashkar ’23

Jacob Ashkar ‘23 is a passionate and important member of the Tower’s staff who enjoys attending float parties and spending time with friends in his free time. Ashkar plays the role of the Tower’s photographer and believes...

Sophia Fowler 22
Multimedia Manager

Sophia Fowler ’22

Returning to Tower as a second year staffer, Sophia Fowler ’22 is the multimedia manager for Pulse. The past year, Fowler had to step back from her role on the Tower in order to participate in virtual One GP, but she has done any...