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2023-2024 Staff

Paul Kaminski 24
Supervising Copy Editor

Paul Kaminski ’24

In a busy and action-packed life with swimming, cross country, track, quiz bowl and DECA, Supervising Copy Editor Paul Kaminski ’24 still finds time to enjoy the little things in life.“I’m a big fan of salsa music, I feel...

Maria Wortman 24
Supervising Copy Editor

Maria Wortman ’24

Maria Wortman ’24 is a second year staffer and a supervising copy editor for The Tower. Outside of Tower, Wortman said she enjoys reading, traveling and urges people to join the newly-founded Club Latino. She is excited for...

Charlotte Glasser 25
Supervising Page Editor

Charlotte Glasser ’25

When she’s not baking or watching Gilmore Girls, second year staffer and Supervising Copy Editor Charlotte Glasser ’25 is behind the computer making The Tower newspaper come alive. Glasser takes French through University of...

Dailey Jogan 24
Supervising Page Editor

Dailey Jogan ’24

A master of taste-testing around the Pointes, Dailey Jogan ’24 is an expert at broadening her horizons. Not only is she a summer lifeguard, Jogan does swim team during the year. Along with that, she has the brain and the brawn,...

Viviana Ostrowski 26
Copy Editor

Viviana Ostrowski ’26

As one of The Tower’s newest copy editors, Viviana Ostrowski ’26 is very excited to start off her first year as a full-fledged journalist. Ostrowski said she enjoys writing for The Tower since it allows her to “feel involved...

Lucy Gabel 25
Copy Editor

Lucy Gabel ’25

As an adventurous second-year staffer, Lucy Gabel ’25 will be taking on the role of a copy editor in addition to her extracurriculars and life outside of school. A ten-year softball player, Gabel is an avid lover of exercise...

Audrey MacGillis 25
Copy Editor

Audrey MacGillis ’25

Second-year staffer, Audrey MacGillis ’25 spends her time doing various activities. Outside of school, she is a hardworking competitive swimmer for South, Grosse Pointe Gators, and the Grosse Pointe Park Mutants in the summer....

Sarah Cook 25
Copy Editor

Sarah Cook ’25

Sarah Cook ’25 is a girl who lives many lives in the summer. From the quiet ambiance of her room reading romance novels and watching classic teen drama shows to running up and down a soccer field, Cook said she loves every one...

Matthew Hamilton 26
Copy Editor

Matthew Hamilton ’26

On the surface, Matthew Hamilton ’26 is your average teenage boy. His life is prioritized around sports, video games and occasionally sports card trading. Getting an inside look into the life of Hamilton, we can observe that...

Isaac Brenner 26
Copy Editor

Isaac Brenner ’26

Issac Brenner ’26, first year copy editor, is a member of both the Junior Varsity football and baseball team.“I’m really excited to write actual news stories for a newspaper and things that are happening and really interested...

Grace Vollmer 26
Copy Editor

Grace Vollmer ’26

Grace Vollmer ’26, a first-year copy editor is ready to enter the Tower after a long summer of lifeguarding. Starting her sophomore year, Vollmer’s excited to join Tower because she loves to write and she is excited for the...

Bella Babcock 24
Copy Editor

Bella Babcock ’24

First year staffer Bella Babcock ’24 is an incoming copy editor with an itch to report on topics she enjoys and broadcast her thoughts to the world. When Babcock isn’t hunting down stories to write, she can be found playing...

Katie VandeWyngearde 24
Copy Editor

Katie VandeWyngearde ’24

Writing has always been a passion of Katie VandeWyngearde’s ’24, and she joined the Tower specifically to embrace it—where better to do that on the school paper? “A lot of my classes are science or math-related, so taking...

Mary Grima 26
Copy Editor

Mary Grima ’26

After spending the summer listening to heavy metal and attending MIPA camp, Mary Grima ’26 is excited to join Tower as a first-year Copy Editor. Grima said creative writing has always been exciting to her. With the passion,...

Aliana Ritter 25
Copy Editor

Aliana Ritter ’25

Aspiring thespian, punctilious writer, and student council Vice President, Copy Editor Aliana Ritter ’25 brings another zealous member to the tower team. Ritter lives a life of organized chaos, especially when participating...

Millie Gates 24
Page Editor

Millie Gates ’24

Millie Gates ’24 is a page editor with four sisters and two dogs. She originally took Tower for an English credit, and although she does have all her credits, she continues to take Tower because of how much she loves it. This...

Kai Tibbitts 24
Page Editor

Kai Tibbitts ’24

Kai Tibbitts is one of the brightest people in Tower. She's very outgoing and incredibly friendly to talk to, as well as being involved in South's Orchestra and Pointe Players. Her favorite part of Tower is being involved with...

Ruby Berger 25
Page Editor

Ruby Berger ’25

Scoring goals on the field after having aced all her tests that day, Ruby Berger ’25 coming in hot as a first-year page editor.Berger said she spends lots of her time on the field hockey field as she is on the varsity team....

Elizabeth Peberdy 24
Page Editor

Elizabeth Peberdy ’24

Elizabeth Peberdy ’24 is a full-time athlete and journalist, committing her days to rowing, running and page editing for the Tower. Building countless friendships through each activity, she enjoys being involved in her community....

Vincent Maffesoli 24
Page Editor

Vincent Maffesoli ’24

Vincent Maffesoli ’24 is known as a lot of different things, such as a swimmer and a caretaker for his three parakeets, Tiki, Lucky and Sky. Aside from those, Maffesoli is a second year page editor who has always taken interest...

Tommy Caufield 24
Page Editor

Tommy Caufield ’24

First-year Tower staffer Tommy Caulfield ’24 has many titles. From captain of the Boys' Cross Country team to page designer for this upcoming year, Caulfield said he has high expectations for this year's Tower class. “I hope...

Mmeli Honablue 24
Page Editor

Mmeli Honablue ’24

Mmeli Honablue ’24 has embarked on an exciting journalistic journey as a newly appointed page editor for the Tower newspaper. Honablue was born with a flair for creativity, indulging in activities such as drawing, skating and...

Evelyn Young 24
Page Editor

Evelyn Young ’24

From the surface, Evelyn Young ’24 may look like the perfect, average teenage girl. She keeps herself busy with multiple sports, academics and extracurricular activities. Many might not immediately know about her creative side,...

Leila Oskui 26
Page Editor

Leila Oskui ’26

Leila Oskui ’26 is one of the Tower’s newest page editors, and she said she is ready to bring her grit and passion to the newspaper this year.“I really enjoy meeting new people and hearing their stories,” Oskui said. “Being...

Kaylee Jelinski 25
Page Editor

Kaylee Jelinski ’25

Kaylee Jelinski ’25, first-year page editor for The Tower, said she enjoys listening to music such as Taylor Swift, The Weeknd, and Rihanna. One of the many swifties who attended Swift’s latest concert in Detroit, Jelinski...

Maggie OBrien 25
Web Editor

Maggie O’Brien ’25

Maggie O’Brien ’25 is the opposite of what you would consider a lazy student. O’Brien involves herself in school clubs and activities, including Student Association, Student Council and Interact along with being a multi-sport...

Grace Campbell 25
Web Editor

Grace Campbell ’25

Cat lover, track runner, journalistic mastermind: Grace Campbell ’25 can do it all. In her second year on staff, the web editor is excited to bring her fierce opinions and her admiration of cats to the Tower classroom. Campbell...

Mira Haurani 25
Web Editor

Mira Haurani ’25

First year staffer, Mira Haurani ’25 has many interests aside from her Tower duties. She’s either in the pool swimming for South’s girls team, on the tennis court playing or off traveling somewhere. Aside from her many activities...

Natalie Lemmen 24
Web Editor

Natalie Lemmen ’24

Natalie Lemmen ’24 is your outstanding, creative-minded Tower student who has a keen eye for editing and photography. Lemmen is a third-year staffer who is taking on the role of a web editor this year. Lemmen lives a very involved...

Luke Parent 26
Web Editor

Luke Parent ’26

Northport Golf Course. Hole seven. 15 feet to the hole. The summer heat beating down on him, first year Web Editor Luke Parent ’26 has one more shot to make the eagle. “I saw (the hole) was a par five and I shot it in two...

Madison Turnbull 24
Social Media Manager

Madison Turnbull ’24

Third year staffer Madison Turnbull ’24 has a passion for aiding the community through the power of persuasive journalism. Daily parking tickets? She can fix that with an opinion piece – the city conveniently cut down the...

Henry Doyle 25
Staff Writer

Henry Doyle ’25

When he’s not finding the inspiration to write, Henry Doyle ’25 said enjoys whipping up snacks and other tasty treats in the kitchen, either at Cloverleaf Pizzeria or in his home kitchen. Doyle is also always on the go, playing...

Ana Zieleniewski 26
Staff Writer

Ana Zieleniewski ’26

Ana Zieleniewski ’24 is a first-year staff writer on Tower. Ana joined Tower because she loves English and wants to improve her writing skills.“Learning how to write in different ways is very important because it is how you...

Alya Augspurger26
Staff Writer

Alya Augspurger’26

Alya Augspurger ’26 is a girl who enjoys sports and socializing with her friends. She is very accessible and plays travel and high school soccer. She finds time to work hard in school, primarily in honors subjects. Although...

Julia Kado 24
Staff Writer

Julia Kado ’24

After spending the summer reading and blasting music, Julia Kado ’24 is back and ready for her last year on staff. Often found in Mr. Campion’s room, Kado enjoys diving into lectures, poems and thriller books. Kado is a third-year...

Ronin McCracken 26
Staff Writer

Ronin McCracken ’26

Drawing. Painting. Printmaking. Photography. After a summer spent unleashing his creativity through every possible medium, Ronin McCracken ’26 is ready to take on a brand new one: journalism. As a first year staff writer...

Margaret Kelly 24
Staff Writer

Margaret Kelly ’24

Margaret Kelly ’24, active in and out of the classroom, is a promising new addition to the Tower Staff. She is a committed athlete who competes in lacrosse and field hockey. She willingly gives back to her community in her own...

Sofie DeJaeghere 25
Staff Writer

Sofie DeJaeghere ’25

After a busy summer of lifeguarding and babysitting, Sofie DeJaeghere ’25 is ready to join The Tower community as a first-year staff writer. DeJaeghere said she produces her best writing when a topic interests her, and that...

Miles Constantino 25
Staff Writer

Miles Constantino ’25

If anyone knows music, it's Miles Constantino “25. Composing in his spare time, Constantino takes to the stage with his pop music inspired by Imagine Dragons and Macklemore. But his talent doesn't stop in the writers room, it...

Kate Dixon 25
Staff Writer

Kate Dixon ’25

Aside from her job on Tower, first-year staff writer Kate Dixon ’25 is a student athlete and a part of the Varsity Softball team and the Girls Varsity Swim and Dive team, along with being a member of varsity club and student...

Tatum Eschenburg 25
Staff Writer

Tatum Eschenburg ’25

Tatum Eschenburg ’25 is going into her first year on Tower staff. Her love for writing pushed her to take Honors Journalism, and now she’s moving up. Eschenburg is a member of Peer to Peer, enjoys connecting with the other...

Brian Foote 24
Staff Writer

Brian Foote ’24

Brian Foote ’24 joined the Tower to express his opinions to his peers. As a first-year staff writer, Foote said he is excited to get writing.“I’m going to enjoy Tower because it allows me to express my opinions to my peers,”...

Sara Dimitrijevic 25
Staff Writer

Sara Dimitrijevic ’25

As an 11th grader, Sara Dimitrijevic said she is eager to continue pursuing her love of journalism and writing through her second year on The Tower. Contributing as a staff writer, Sara said she writes for enjoyment and in preparation...

Murphy Russell 25
Staff Writer

Murphy Russell ’25

Murphy Russell ’25 creativity takes on the Tower this year. With being out-going, and having lots of interest in many different things, these new stories will become eye-catching. Russell is the starting pitcher on the South...

Layla Demir 24
Staff Writer

Layla Demir ’24

Layla Demir ’24 has always had a passion for the creative side of things. She is eager to step outside the box, and being a staff writer on Tower allows her to do this often. “You have to deal with a lot of the controversial...

Chiara Fallone 25
Staff Writer

Chiara Fallone ’25

Chiara Fallone ’25 is a first-year staff writer for The Tower. Outside of Tower, Fallone has many hobbies, including cheer and lacrosse. Despite her constantly running around from sport to sport, Fallone said she has grown fond...

Meredith Kemper 26
Staff Writer

Meredith Kemper ’26

With lacrosse balls from every direction flying straight into the goal, you could say first year Tower staff writer Meredith Kemper ’26 is always up and ready for a challenge. “I spent most of my summer practicing lacrosse...

Mimi Mager 24
Staff Writer

Mimi Mager ’24

Mimi Mager ’24 is a first year staff writer looking forward to being a part of The Tower community. Mimi said her go-to fun fact she tells people is that she spent the first several years of her life living in China. She also...

Talia Patterson 26
Staff Writer

Talia Patterson ’26

After owning a Spotify account for merely four months, Talia Patterson ’26, accomplished membership into the 2.7 percent minority of Taylor Swift’s monthly listeners. As a first year staff writer, Patterson said she is eagerly...

Joshua Sonnenberg 25
Graphics Editor

Joshua Sonnenberg ’25

Joshua Sonnenberg ’25 has a lot of unique hobbies, such as building his own computer, participating in lots of running, and frequently adding to his comic book collection. His love for drawing however is what inspired him to...

Katie Hamilton 24
Web Editor in Chief

Katie Hamilton ’24

Dedicated, kind and compassionate, Web Editor in Chief Katie Hamilton ’24 is a third-year staffer ready for the new year. Outside of Journalism, Hamilton is on the Track and Field team, throwing the shot put and discus, and...

Madeline Kitchen 24
Print Editor in Chief

Madeline Kitchen ’24

Madeline Kitchen is more than a hard worker, with being a senior and already having a tight schedule, she still does her very best to produce the best content possible as a third-year staffer. Madeline is a bright and caring person...

Omar Siddiqui 25
Associate Web Editor

Omar Siddiqui ’25

Omar Siddiqui ’25 is a second-year staffer with an immense passion for journalism who has taken on the role of associate web editor this year. Siddiqui believes that The Tower is making a difference in Grosse Pointe by writing...

Isabella Haindl 24
Associate Print Editor

Isabella Haindl ’24

When you look at Isabella Haindl ’24’s extracurriculars, it is apparent that she loves to be involved in her community. This is Haindl’s second year on staff and she will be filling the position of Associate Print Editor....

Julia Roeder 25
Supervising Web Editor

Julia Roeder ’25

Whether it’s The Rolling Stone, Taylor Swift, Phoebe Bridgers, or Tyler the Creator, Julia Roeder ’25 is guaranteed to have seen them in concert. All eyes envy her as she walks into the journalism classroom wearing merchandise...

Harrison Balfour 24
Supervising Photographer

Harrison Balfour ’24

If you happen to see Harrison outside of school, chances are he either has a skateboard beneath him or a camera in hand—possibly even both. As Supervising Photographer for the Tower this year, Balfour has a knack for finding...

Sofia Boddy 25
Business Manager

Sofia Boddy ’25

Business Manager Sofia Boddy ’25 , can be found driving around in her Jeep named “Gigi” doing some of her favorite pastime activities. These activities include participating in pilates and venturing to different restaurants...

Cecile Walsh 24
Print Editor in Chief

Cecile Walsh ’24

Cecile Walsh is creative in every way possible. She is super crafty; painting her nails every weekend and producing little projects whenever she can. She’s an active member of the Poetry Slam club and goes on fun trips, such...

Morgan Payne 24
Multimedia Manager

Morgan Payne ’24

Regarding hard work, seconnd-year staffer and Multimedia Manager Morgan Payne ’24 is driven by the word. From working multiple jobs to writing for two newspapers, Payne is diligent, dedicated and disciplined. “I work a lot,...