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2018-2019 Staff

Maura Shine '20

Maura Shine ’20

Maura Shine, a junior at Grosse Pointe South, a Tower second year page editor and a JV lacrosse player lives a regular highschool life. Maura started playing lacrosse to fill the time she once used for basketball. Disagreements l...

Mary Fannon '21

Mary Fannon ’21

“My favorite color is green because it reminds me of trees and I like trees because it reminds me of going up to my cottage. I go to my cottage about twice a summer with my family, I like being outside.” ...

Salvatore Craparotta '20

Salvatore Craparotta ’20

“My goals in life are to be successful, I know that’s pretty broad but, be happy with yourself. Whatever I do, I care about, but obviously, I want to make money in the end.”

Navya Charmiraju '20

Navya Charmiraju ’20

I hate feeling restless— I’m always doing something. I’m in Mock Trial, Model UN, French Club, I’m starting a ‘Asian Americans’ Club, I started Philosophy club, I’m in color guard, I row, I volunteer at the VA ho...

Grace Reyes '19

Grace Reyes ’19

“We want to make that connection where you can talk to us as people not just someone in a leadership role. The goal is to have those lasting relationships and make sure Pulse and The Tower are in good hands when we leave.”...

Ava Mitchell '20

Ava Mitchell ’20

“I’m a junior at South High School and I’m a staff writer on the Tower. I love to cheerlead and I’ve been doing it since freshman year. I really enjoy because it’s just so fun. I used to dance for a really long time...

Anna Ludvigsen '20

Anna Ludvigsen ’20

Anna Ludvigsen is a staff writer, and this is her first year on staff. She is a junior. She enjoys hanging out with her friends, and volunteering at the hospital. She hopes to be a nurse one day. When she volunteers, she is a t...

Jacqueline Mercier

Jacqueline Mercier

  I am a senior, I work at a local boutique, play lacrosse and I am a horse camp counselor over the summer. I also am the secretary of NHS, president of Key Club and Social Media Manager of Tower. I like to challenge m...

Bianca Pugliesi

Bianca Pugliesi

“I'm a really big people person. I love just meeting random people and talking to them. I love hearing others peoples stories and things they have done, I think that’s so awesome. We live in a world with so many different ...

Henry Ayrault

Henry Ayrault

“I do NHS, I am on a Neighborhood Club basketball team, I play golf sometimes, and I work a lot. I am also going to do DECA this year. My favorite part about doing Tower is probably all the group things we get to do. It’s a v...

Sylvia Hodges '19

Sylvia Hodges ’19

“I am excited to be apart of leadership this year because I’ve been a copy editor for the last two years so it’s fun to be a supervising editor this year. So, I’m looking forward to helping the new staffers integrate easi...

Just-us Welch '20

Just-us Welch ’20

Just-us Welch is a second year staffer and photo editor for Tower. She is also a member of student council and student association. Her favorite color is green, her favorite food is mac n cheese, and her favorite movie is “To...

Alexandra Turnbull '21

Alexandra Turnbull ’21

Alexandra is a staff writer who’s at South for her second year, but she plans on graduating with the class of 2020. She grew up in Scotland where her grandfather’s from, moved back to the states in elementary school, and she n...

Elizabeth Flower

Elizabeth Flower

I really got into reading in elementary school through Harry Potter and Hunger Games and all that. It means a lot to me to be able to escape into a good book. I miss it sometimes, it sounds really weird, but with high school and...

Ian Foy '21

Ian Foy ’21

(Outside of school), I like to do outside activities with my friends. I play soccer; it takes up my time. (If I could be anywhere in the world right now), I would be in Italy. I went this summer and I had a lot of fun. I playe...

Jacob Harris '21

Jacob Harris ’21

“I play baseball, basketball, and tennis. My favorite out of all of them is baseball because I like to be involved a lot in team sports, and baseball is a major team sport. Other than that, I like hiking a lot. I’ve been ...

Olivia Mlynarek '19

Olivia Mlynarek ’19

“I like meeting new people and I think it's a fun experience to write different stories and learn more about our school and how it works and keep up whats going on with the students and stuff.” ...

Sarah Stevenson '19

Sarah Stevenson ’19

“I used to be extremely shy my freshman year, and I've definitely come out of my bubble a little bit because of the opportunities you have through Tower and just in everyday class. Journalism makes you talk to more people a...

Tara Cole '21

Tara Cole ’21

Tara Cole is a sophomore, and this is her first year on Tower. She currently has the position of staff writer. She enjoys dancing and traveling.

Elizabeth Wolfe '20

Elizabeth Wolfe ’20

“I enjoy it (being in the Tower) because, first of I really like writing, that’s always been something I’ve really enjoyed and you get a sense of pride when you know that other people are reading your work and it makes ...

Eva McCord '21

Eva McCord ’21

When I was a kid I was really sensitive and I’m still really sensitive. I’m really empathetic. You know I was this small kid who really likes learning and doing things, so drawing and art in general was just something I di...

Bridget Doyle '21

Bridget Doyle ’21

Bridget Doyle ‘20 like to swim and go up north for vacation. She’s looking forward to Honors American Literature because it’ll be a nice break from Freshman English.

Abi Wilson '20

Abi Wilson ’20

“A lot of what I like about tower is the community and the friends you make through it. You’re at deadlines every week and you’re working with all these people to make the best possible product that a whole bunch of people ar...

Alyssa Czech '19

Alyssa Czech ’19

Alyssa Czech 19’ is the editor in chief of Tower also referred to as “Top Dog”. From the get go of Honors Journalism, Czech tells about her passion for journalism due to a raw talent and an  inspiring figure Rod Satt. ...

Anne Muawad '20

Anne Muawad ’20

Anne is a second year staffer and page editor. Anne lived in England for a year when she was one year old. When she watches old home movies, she feels lame because her siblings had British accents but she couldn’t even speak a...

Cam Buhler '21

Cam Buhler ’21

Cam Buhler is a sophomore this year, and this will be his first year on The Tower staff. This past summer he spent a week in Italy. Over summer vacation Buhler visited Venice, Florence and Rome. He enjoyed some very good food ...

Jackson Marchal '21

Jackson Marchal ’21

Jackson Marchal is a sophomore at Grosse Pointe South, and this will be his first year on staff. Over the summer, Marchal appreciated the free time, and used it to spend time with his friends. He also went up north during the b...

Kari Ronning '20

Kari Ronning ’20

Kari Ronning is a junior who enjoys hanging out with her friends and she recently attended a camp in Savannah Georgia this summer for the first time. She got to learn about fashion and interior design and she describes the pr...

Keely Messacar '21

Keely Messacar ’21

Keely Messacar ‘21 is first year staff writer on Tower and in her free time enjoys dancing for Mack Avenue Dance Company. Keely is happy to be part of the Tower staff this year. “I’m excited to just get to know how Tower w...

Keagan Spitz '20

Keagan Spitz ’20

“I really enjoy playing hockey, it’s probably the most important part of my life. I play hockey for South. However, I am really excited to be joining Tower this year as it is a really big part of the community. It’s very w...

Maddie Weekley '21

Maddie Weekley ’21

Maddie Weekley enjoys spending her spare time at her local animal shelter. “I love animals, I foster a lot of animals. My mom works at an animal shelter, so I get them from the Grosse Pointe Animal Adoption Center,” Maddie said...

Charlotte Parent '21

Charlotte Parent ’21

“I play the Viola, I have been playing it for four years. In sixth grade, I switched from the Cello to the Viola, I knew nothing about it then but now I am hoping to get second chair. I want to do something with it in the fut...

Frannie O'Shea '21

Frannie O’Shea ’21

“I’m looking forward to meeting new people and how to write stories and experiencing more with Tower.”

Grey Korejwo '20

Grey Korejwo ’20

`“I feel like piercings and tattoos are a form of body art, and I love art in the sense of how I can change my body in a way that I would like to see it.  I can just make myself a piece of art.”

Imran Siddiqui '20

Imran Siddiqui ’20

Imran Siddiqui is a junior and a second year staffer. Currently, he holds the position of supervising copy editor. Imran enjoys traveling and being outdoors with his family. Over the summer, he traveled to Vancouver, Canada w...

Jackson Jogan '21

Jackson Jogan ’21

Jackson Jogan is a first year page editor on the Tower. His life can be compared to a farm in Kansas, slow paced and lots of hard work on the farm. After his life on the farm, things got a little more interesting: Jackson also ...

Sophia Stann ’20

“I play soccer, I’m in peer to peer, and Spanish club. I’m a committee leader in SA, and I’m running the Minute to Win It with another student this year.”

Zach Farrell '21

Zach Farrell ’21

Zach Farrell is sophomore and staff writer who loves running. Through track and cross country at South, he has made a lot of his friends. Even though they’re not playing as a team, they’re all encouraging each other and shar...

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