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2020-2021 Staff

Jacob Harris '21
Pulse Editor in Chief

Jacob Harris ’21

Jacob Harris is a third year staffer for The Tower, as well as a Co-Editor in Chief of Pulse. Harris plays baseball, basketball, and tennis for South, and is an avid sports fan as well. "Sports takes up the majority of my time...

Eleni Tecos '22
Supervising Copy Editor

Eleni Tecos ’22

Eleni Tecos ’22 is a supervising copy editor for The Tower. This is her second year on staff. When she’s not at school, Eleni is competing as a classical singer with her voice teacher of seven years through the National Association...

Meghan Wysocki '22
Supervising Copy Editor

Meghan Wysocki ’22

Meghan Wysocki ’22 is a junior, second-year Tower staffer and supervising copy editor. On Tower, she loves to discover stories of Grosse Pointers and learn more about people. “What I like about writing on The Tower is it sort...

Ally Strehlke '22
Copy Editor

Ally Strehlke ’22

Ally Strehlke ‘22 is a second-year staffer on Tower. This year, she is working as a copy editor. Her two favorite subjects are English and Science. “I’m taking AP Bio and Honors Chem this year and I love both of them,”...

Anna Czech '23
Copy Editor

Anna Czech ’23

Anna Czech ’23 is a junior and first-year copy editor eager to involve herself with the inner workings of The Tower. She is inspired to leave her mark on the program, following her sister's three-year tenure. Czech writes because...

Olivia McDougal '23
Copy Editor

Olivia McDougal ’23

Olivia McDougal is a first-year copy editor on The Tower. She said she was inspired to join after The Tower visited her class in middle school, as she had already “really liked journalism and writing.” McDougal was especially...

Lydia McNanney
Copy Editor

Lydia McNanney

Lydia McNanney is a first year copy editor and said she is eager to “learn more about different parts of journalism since honors journalism was cut short last year.” Lydia spent her summer boating, hanging out around Grosse...

Maddie Weekley '21
Copy Editor

Maddie Weekley ’21

Maddie Weekley is a senior in her third year of being on The Tower and holds the position of a copy editor. She’s passionate about journalism, and hopes to pursue it as a future career. "Tower really allowed me to find my passion...

Nina Simon '21
Page Editor

Nina Simon ’21

Nina Simons ‘21 is a Senior and second-year staffer and page editor for Tower. She is very hardworking in school and is learning both Spanish and French to fluency. Simons loves politics and is a legislative intern for a state...

Alice Scott '21
Page Editor

Alice Scott ’21

Alice Scott is a senior and second-year staff member as well as a first-year page editor for the Tower. She joined Tower because she believes that informing students is really important. “With so much technology in this day...

Caroline Parent '22
Page Editor

Caroline Parent ’22

Caroline Parent is a junior on Tower as a Page Editor. This is her first year on the Tower team. Caroline’s sister played a big role in her decision to join Tower. Her sister really inspired her to be a part of Tower. “I’m...

Jane Kuhnlein '23
Page Editor

Jane Kuhnlein ’23

Jane Kuhnlein is a sophomore and a Page Editor on Tower this year. Aside from joining Tower, Kuhnelin takes part in other extracurriculars in and outside of school. She is an advisor for Student Associations and attends student...

Maren VanOsdol
Page Editor

Maren VanOsdol

Sitting in an Eighth grade classroom is where her love for Tower all began. Maren VanOsdol, a page editor of the Grosse Pointe South Tower Newspaper. “I became a page editor because I like design, it’s really calming to plan...

Gia Cavaliere '23
Page Editor

Gia Cavaliere ’23

Gia Cavaliere is a sophomore and a first-year Page Editor for the Tower. Being heavily interested in writing, Cavaliere joined staff ready to learn more about journalism. She decided to become a page editor because she wants to...

Aleena Siddiqui '22
Page Editor

Aleena Siddiqui ’22

Aleena Siddiqui is a Junior and second year Page Editor for the Tower. In her free time, she enjoys tennis, Yearbook Club, and as class president, she is dedicated to organizing events and fundraisers for the class of 2022. She...

Becca Koch '22
Web Editor

Becca Koch ’22

If you are involved in anything at South chances are you know Becca Koch. From Peer 2 Peer to Link Crew, and Generation of Promise, Becca loves to help others. When she isn’t in a meeting for one of the many groups she is a...

Mike Hamilton '21
Web Editor

Mike Hamilton ’21

If Mike Hamilton ‘21 had to sum up his life in one word it would be easy: sports. Football takes up a good portion of his life. When not on the field, he can be in the weight room, playing fantasy sports, or coaching his little...

Gaby Dulworth '22
Web Editor

Gaby Dulworth ’22

Gaby Dulworth is a junior, a second-year staffer, and will be a web editor this year. She loves to write and found her passion for journalism through her sister, who pushed her to take honors journalism. Gaby is very involved...

Patrick Koeppen '23
Web Editor

Patrick Koeppen ’23

Patrick Koeppen is a sophomore and first year staff member as a web manager. After taking honors journalism he decided to continue with Tower because he liked bringing news to the community and working with members of the Tower...

Frannie O'Shea '21
Social Media Manager

Frannie O’Shea ’21

Frannie O’Shea ‘21 is this year's social media manager. She has four siblings as well as a pet dog. She has also danced competitively since she was only three years old. When it comes to her position on Tower staff this year...

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Staff Writer

Katie Maraldo ’21

Katie Maraldo is a 2nd year staff writer on Tower. She first joined Tower because she loves writing about topics she is passionate about, and loves the freedom staff writers have to choose their own topics. Katie loves making...

Cam Buhler '21
Staff Writer

Cam Buhler ’21

Cam Buhler is a senior currently attending South High School and is a third-year staff member on Tower. As a staff writer, Bulher says he enjoys writing the sports stories the most. “I like covering sports the most because I...

Maria Maraldo '21
Staff Writer

Maria Maraldo ’21

Maria Maraldo is a senior and a second-year writer for the Tower. Maria has always been heavily interested in writing and journalism but furthered her skills as a junior in her first year of Tower. Maraldo believes journalists...

Nick Louisell '23
Staff Writer

Nick Louisell ’23

Joe Louisell is a Sophomore sports fanatic who is a first year staffer on the Tower. He is very involved in the soccer, football and basketball communities. His favorite extracurricular activity at South is Stock Club. His dad...

River Kraus '22
Staff Writer

River Kraus ’22

River Kraus is a junior and is a first year staffer at Tower. He is a staff writer and is excited to learn the in’s and out’s of Tower as well as improve his writing skills along the way. He also enjoys sports and plays hockey...

Robert Peabody
Staff Writer

Robert Peabody

Robbie Peabody is a 15 year old sophomore and a first year staff writer for The Tower. He decided to follow in his older sister’s footsteps and join the newspaper after completing the honors journalism program his freshman year....

Emmett O'Keef
Staff Writer

Emmett O’Keef

Emmett O’keefe ’22 is a Staff Writer for the Tower and is looking forward to his first year on staff, “I’m very interested in journalism and keeping others informed and excited to become a part of the Tower family because...

Ethan Bell '23
Staff Writer

Ethan Bell ’23

Ethan Bell is a sophomore and first year staffer. Bell plays soccer for South, but also plays basketball and does competitive horseback. Bell is excited for his first year of tower and to see the inner workings of how news companies...

Jackson Marchal '21
Staff Writer

Jackson Marchal ’21

Jackson Marchal is a senior and is a third year staff writer for The Tower. He decided to pursue journalism through The Tower due to his interest in “exposing the truth and helping people see behind the scenes of what’s going...

Genevieve Boutrous '23
Staff Writer

Genevieve Boutrous ’23

A Hydrangea and writing enthusiast alike, sophomore Genevieve Boutrous joins The Tower as a staff writer, hopeful her time on the team will not just improve her journalism skills, but help her to step outside of her comfort zone. “It...

Anamaria Garberding '23
Staff Writer

Anamaria Garberding ’23

Anamaria Garberding is a Sophomore and first-year staffer on The Tower. Garberding has always enjoyed writing and decided to take Honors Journalism because her sister, who she looks up to, encouraged her to. She is most excited...

Andrew Isaacs '23
Staff Writer

Andrew Isaacs ’23

Andrew Isaacs knew he wanted to be a part of The Tower the moment he learned about the team. Then just an eighth-grader at Brownell, he now joins Tower as a sophomore and staff writer, excited to expand his writing skills (while...

Gia Agosta 21'

Gia Agosta 21′

Gia Augusta is a 2nd-year staffer and supervising page editor. Gia was inspired to join Tower after giving up choir and she needed an elective, but once she joined Tower she ended up loving it. Because of her love for writing,...

Xavier Prater '21

Xavier Prater ’21

Xavier Prater ‘21, is a photographer on staff this year. He was born and raised in Las Vegas but moved to Michigan in 2009. He has been in Michigan ever since. He is also the oldest of three. Xavier is excited to be apart of...

Ben Farber '21
staff writer

Ben Farber ’21

Ben Farber is a senior, and this is his second year on the Tower staff. Ben joined Tower because he loves writing, and he enjoys being a part of one of the best traditions at South. Something that not many people know about Ben...

Grace Wininger '23
copy editor

Grace Wininger ’23

Grace Wininger ’23 is a first-year copy editor with an abundant love for running. “I’m a really avid runner,” Wininger said. “It’s a big passion of mine, which is funny because everyone else in my family is a swimmer;...

Isabel Stoller, '22
page editor

Isabel Stoller ’22

Isabel Stoller ‘22 is a first year staffer and page editor this year. She said that while it is “crazy” to join Tower this year, she believes organization will help her keep on track. She has taught herself how to draw and...

Keely Messacar '21
Editor-in-Chief Web

Keely Messacar ’21

Keely Messacar ‘21 is a third-year staff member on Tower, and she is the editor-in-chief for Pulse. She originally joined Tower because she loves to meet new people and get the inside scoop on what is going on at Grosse Pointe...

Ryan Caldwell '21
Supervising Photo Editor

Ryan Caldwell ’21

When you first meet Ryan you know right off the bat you have met a very nice humble individual. Ryan is a member of The Varsity soccer team and the varsity basketball team and he enjoys playing both of these sports equally. You...

Maggie Quinn

Maggie Quinn

Maggie Quinn ’22 is a second year staffer on the Grosse Pointe Tower, and is also a junior. Some of the things that she likes to do during her free time is biking around Grosse Pointe, reading her favorite books, and sewing...

Photo courtesy: Paige Evers '22
Associate Editor of Pulse

Paige Evers ’22

Paige Evers is a junior in her second year on Tower as the associate editor of pulse. Paige joined The Tower to meet like-minded people as well as being a part of the school's voice. She also finds writing to be a calming activity...

Zach Farrell '21
Supervising Editor

Zach Farrell ’21

Zach Farrell is a senior at Grosse Pointe South and is a supervising editor as well as a photographer on Tower. This year, he is interested in being able to write about some of the events happening this year. For instance, he...

Jacob Ashkar '23

Jacob Ashkar ’23

Jacob Ashkar is a sophomore and a first year Tower member. Jacob is excited and a first year Tower member. To be a photographer and learn more about photography. He also is looking forward to making friendships and connections...

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