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Ethan Bell '23

Ethan Bell '23, Staff Writer

Ethan Bell is a sophomore and first year staffer. Bell plays soccer for South, but also plays basketball and does competitive horseback. Bell is excited for his first year of tower and to see the inner workings of how news companies work. He is most interested in the business side of tower and pulse. Bell hopes to take up a leadership role in pulse in following years. “I’m really looking forward to tower this year and seeing the business side of it. Hopefully I get a leadership role in a couple years,” Bell said.
When he’s older Bell wants to live in different places in the world and try different things like surfing. He also wants to start his own business. “Right now I’m working on a car, I want to get it into production at the end of this year or next summer,” said Bell. Even though covid has brought a lot of change into the world, Bell hopes to return to school and be able to see friends.

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Ethan Bell '23