Looking ahead to ladies winter sports

Ethan Bell '23, Staff Writer

The girls hockey team from last year takes the ice in one of their early contests.

This winter sports season is approaching fast and many student athletes are waiting in anticipation for the start. While girls swimming has already begun, with a very good record needless to say, tryouts for the girls’ ice hockey team are starting on Nov. 2 going through 4. For competitive cheerleading, tryouts will begin on Nov. 9.

While many would think the biggest competitions for swimming, hockey and competitive cheerleading would be against South’s rival North this is not the case.

“(the biggest game is) probably the MAC meet,” swimmer Sophia Hindmarsh ’23 said. “It’s in two weeks, that’s what everyone’s training for right now.”

As for ice hockey head coach Haliee Craig, she said their biggest games were probably Mercy or Liggett. Last but not least, the biggest game for cheer is against Dakota High School.

“I would say the biggest competition is Dakota,” Joslyn Smith ’23 said, a former cheerleader for South.

South has always been a competitive school in our division and the same is expected for this coming winter season.

“We’ll definitely be competitive, and we’ll just have to see who tries out because a lot of girls are going between South and travel,” Craig said.

The same competitive level is expected of competitive cheer.

“I have a feeling they are going to do great, (both) JV and Varsity,” Smith said.

The swim team has also upheld its name and improved on it too.

“Right now, we actually haven’t lost any meets,” Hindmarsh said. “I think we’re gonna win the MAC.”

This winter season is sure to be a very exciting for both athletes and spectators-if they are allowed.