The Tower Pulse

Spreading love with chalk art

St. Paul on the Lake Catholic Church pictured with the chalk art of Maddy Campbell '20.

Nina Simon '21, Page Editor

May 20, 2020

Pink, yellow, blue, purple. The sound of chalk scraping against the path as she draws. The cool lakeside breeze brushes away the dust from the concrete canvas. The goal? Spread love. Maddy Campbell ‘20 met six feet apart with her youth minister and two other parishioners at St. Paul on the ...

College committed athletes staying active in lockdown

Cam Mallegg '20 officially committed to play baseball for Butler last November.

Jacob Harris '21, Web Editor

May 20, 2020

With spring sports being cancelled due to COVID-19, college committed athletes are faced with a lot of adversity before their first seasons at the next level. Spring sport athletes especially face this challenge with the cancellation of their final season. According to Butler baseball commit Cam...

Creating new hobbies in quarantine

Marguerite Quinn '22, Staff Writer

May 18, 2020

As society continues to stay on lockdown, we have seen many new hobbies people have taken up to pass time. From binge-watching television shows to painting portraits, people have found creative ways to entertain themselves while maintaining a routine while spending time at home. Sophie Hugh ’21...

Keeping athletes motivated in quarantine

With spring sports being cancelled, South coaches are still striving to keep players on their game during lockdown.

Andrew Acker '21, Staff Writer

May 14, 2020

Though high school sports seasons were supposed to be well on their way at this time, due to the COVID-19, all MHSAA sports were canceled. These cancellations brought new challenges for spring sports coaches as they tried to keep their players motivated, and stay in contact with them during the absence...

Virtual choir’s One Voice recital

Virtual choir's One Voice recital

Rebecca Koch '22, Staff Writer

May 14, 2020

With countless concerts, conferences and almost every aspect of life changed beyond recognition, there is no doubt that any plans that were made have now been changed. This has led to an influx of online versions of cancelled events. One Voice choir director Carolyn Gross had several projects planned...

Lives of those on the line

Lives of those on the line

Nina Simon '21, Page Editor

May 6, 2020

Heidi Kemper has been a registered nurse for 21 years, and has worked for Beaumont Health for 20 of those. She said she has never seen anything like the “once in 100 years” COVID-19 pandemic, and never will again. According to Kemper, the week of April 20, almost 85 percent of inpatients at Beaumont...

COVID-19 and college: facing tough decisions

Cam Buhler, Staff Writer

May 6, 2020

Out of all the hardship and confusion that the coronavirus outbreak has caused for South students, one of the most difficult obstacles for juniors may be getting ready to apply for college in the fall. Spring is an extremely popular time for juniors to do college tours. For many schools, early action...

Getting creative: students starting online businesses, selling a variety of items

Getting creative: students starting online businesses, selling a variety of items

Frannie O'Shea '21, Photographer

May 5, 2020

Ever since quarantine started, and even before that for some, students have been pulling out their creative side in order to start an online business on social media. From tie dye, to homemade (and recycled) earrings, to stylish stickers, these students are getting innovative. According to Megan Rabaut...

Friends find ways to celebrate birthdays in quarantine

Celebrating birthdays in quarantine is difficult, but students have come up with ways such as signs and drive-by parades to celebrate them safely.

Sophia Stann '20, Staff Writer

May 4, 2020

With quarantine putting birthday celebrations on pause, students are getting more creative with their birthday festivities and not letting COVID-19 put a damper on their day according to Hanna Ottaway ’20. “I woke up on my birthday feeling really bummed knowing my 18th birthday wasn’t going...

Keeping South spirit alive online

The social studies department dressed up together, remotely, as a part of South’s
first ever virtual spirit week. Photo courtesy of Class of '22.

Hope Whitney '21 and Maddie Weekley '21

May 3, 2020

School may be remote now, but that doesn’t mean school spirit has to die. Student council and Student Association (SA) have been working on events to keep students engaged in activities that would happen normally. Student council member Megan DeGrand ’22 said with being away from school, it’s...

Athletic trainer opens pop-up Delray Barbecue in Detroit

MULTI-TASKER South Athletic Trainer Collin Karcher opened Delray Barbecue for curbside pick-up in early April. He serves pork, greens, cornbread and more.

Michael Hamilton '22, Staff Writer

May 1, 2020

Wrapping ankles, stretching cramps and performing concussion tests are just a small part of the day for Grosse Pointe South’s athletic trainer Collin Karcher. Most students only know him as the friendly face that sells them Gatorade products, but Gatorade is not all that he sells. After Karcher leav...