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Looking back on the Homecoming Pep Rally

Maren VanOsdol , Staff Writer October 23, 2021

After last year’s homecoming was cancelled, this year homecoming week has returned. Though past pep rallies were held in the gym, this year the pep rally was held outside on the field due to COVID-19...

Injuries: How they impact the ability for athletes to compete

Injuries: How they impact the ability for athletes to compete

Maggie Quinn '22, Copy Editor October 22, 2021

It started off as a tackle that caused him to land awkwardly. But when Egan Sullivan ’23, tried to stand up after it happened, he knew something was wrong. “During (the third game), I just got tackled...

Screenshot of the @worstparkingatgps instagram account.

Worst parking at South captured on Instagram

Ella Pazuchowski '23, Staff Writer October 19, 2021

*The student in charge of the Instagram account wishes to remain anonymous The bell just rang and you are walking out of school excited to go home. As you approach your car in the school parking...

Festive stops for fall food

Festive stops for fall food

Natalie Lemmen, Staff Writer October 18, 2021

  Eastern Market Walking under the fairy lights of Eastern Market around any holiday is sure to bring you festive feelings. From their fresh produce to harvest and homemade soup, you can go...

Infographic courtesy of the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services.

MDHHS quarantine guidance for schools

Olivia McDougall '23, Copy Editor October 17, 2021

Within the past year, schools have been trying to educate their students at least partially in person, while still protecting the students. Recently, the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services...

Perfectly Imperfect

Perfectly Imperfect

Sophia Fowler '22, Multimedia Manager October 13, 2021

On the surface, the word “perfectionism” seems like a gift. An unhinged drive to be perfect, pushing to do everything right each time seems ideal for the majority of people who don’t struggle...

HOCO Trends

HOCO Trends

O'Hara Diamond '23, Page Editor October 7, 2021

Detailed lace has always been an enjoyable touch which homecoming attendees enjoy from time to time. Madelyn Zann ‘24 chose this pink dress with lace in the middle because it's a fun way to show personality....

Lisa Kline teaches her class an important math concept. Photo courtesy:

Lightening the load

Julia Kado '24, Staff Writer October 5, 2021

Students, staff and administrators were all thrown into the center of a whirlwind last year, and reinstating a sense of normality after that has been difficult for us all. During the rocky period of...

Photo courtesy:

Five minutes with Wheeler

Emmett O, Staff Writer October 1, 2021

The new Athletic Director Brandon Wheeler jumps excitedly into South athletics. Wheeler previously worked at Leland High School, where he coached soccer, basketball and golf. He attended Michigan...

Graphic by Olivia Walz 22

Maintaining the balance of work and school for teen supervisors

Caya Craig , Social Media Manager September 28, 2021

With the school year starting off and students slowly beginning to adapt from their summer schedules to school mode, businesses are beginning to hire new employees and promote their current staff. Especially...

EARLY BIRD GETS THE DISEASE Protesters gathered outside South, with their children, before school on Friday. Some students laughed, some offered a mask. Photo credits:

The hidden danger of spreading a false narrative

Evie Klepp '22 and Dailey Jogan September 27, 2021

A board member's anti-vaccination outburst at the August 23 Board of Education meeting followed by anti-mask protests in front of the school creates a blurred line between fact and fiction. Though...

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The path to self actualization

Olivia Walz '22, Jane Kuhnlein '23, and Gia Cavaliere '23 September 22, 2021

Students year after year strive to get the best grades, be in the most clubs and get the most service hours to stand out to their dream college. The dream college that will earn them a good job, so...

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