Croods 2 Review

Ethan Bell '23

The Croods 2 is the sequel to the original movie, The Croods which was released in March of 2013. This long awaited sequel has finally come and did not disappoint, getting a 77% rating from Rotten tomatoes and a 94% from their served audiences. The Croods 2 was released on December 17 for streaming services and has since been available since November 25 in theaters around the country.

The movie itself has a great all around story with lots of small details connecting in the end. As well as many plot twists along the way to keep the viewers engaged and guessing throughout the entirety of the movie. There are many mini stories hidden throughout the film such as Eep’s and Dawn’s adventures and the conflict between Drug and Phil Betterman, all of which add to the film’s broader story. The funny script also helps to keep the movie light hearted and family friendly. While simultaneously increasing tension at pinnacle moments of the film which really helped move the movie along. The incredible voice actors add to the entirety of the film, featuring actors such as Nicolas Cage, Reyan Renolds and Emma Stone to name a few. All of these actors help bring personality and life to each of the individual characters.

The movie opens with the Croods fighting off a new kind of predator in a new landscape still struggling to survive as in the first movie, however the twist with this movie is they are many years into their search for a perfect paradise. Later in the movie they meet the betterman’s, a more evolved species of human and move into their enclosed, protected paradise. During this time relationships are tested as the true intentions of the Betterman’s come to light and the Croods discover new inventions that restructure their family life. In the end when faced with a challenge neither of the families could face for by themselves they are forced to work together and reach a better understanding of each other.

Overall the movie is a funny, family friendly movie that is suitable for all ages and combines an excellent cast, a well thought out and engaging storyline with multiple twists and beautiful animations that are sure to please your eye. This is a must watch movie of the year for anyone who appreciates animation as well as liked the first movie.