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Grace Wininger '23

Grace Wininger '23, copy editor

Grace Wininger ’23 is a first-year copy editor with an abundant love for running. “I’m a really avid runner,” Wininger said. “It’s a big passion of mine, which is funny because everyone else in my family is a swimmer; I’m the only runner.” Outside of running on South’s cross country and track teams, Wininger enjoys learning about biology, with a particular interest in biological mechanisms. “I’ve always been into the sciences,” Wininger said. “I really like understanding how things fit together and how things work.” In addition to her striking passions, Wininger also has a cat named Yogi, who happens to be polydactyl with a grand total of 27 toes. According to Wininger, much like his namesake Yogi Bear, Yogi is magical and absolutely hilarious. As for her Tower career, Wininger is beyond excited for her first year on staff. “I joined Tower because the idea of putting my name out in the world on a piece of writing I’m proud of is really exciting to me,” Wininger said.

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Grace Wininger '23