Tower Tribute March 3 Winner; Claire Murphy

Above is Claire Murphy’s digital illustration, titled Rain Hours. Photo courtesy of Claire Murphy.

From Claire Murphy’s ’26 own imagination and created in their own time, Rain Hours is a digital illustration that combines sadness with the feeling of the rain. It took about two hours and Murphy used the app Paper by WeTransfer on their iPhone in order to draw this illustration.

“I made the piece as a color scheme challenge: monochromatic in this teal-ish color,” said Murphy. “I picked the color at random, and the first idea was rain, which is usually associated with blue hours.”

From the Tower Web Staff, we would like to once again congratulate Murphy on their skillful and artistic illustration. The digital work establishes an empathetic connection with the viewer as it encapsulates the grieving yet freeing emotions that someone can feel while being in the rain.

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