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Too late for TikTok

Grace Vollmer ’26

There has been a large increase in either angst or anticipation for the possibility of a TikTok ban among teenagers and adults. This came about after the United States House of Representatives passed a bill on March 13, which stated either the owner of TikTok, ByteDance, sells TikTok in six months, or loses access to app stores and streaming services in the United States. Even though the bill still has yet to be made a law, the possibility of a “TikTok ban” has many concerned about the future of the app. Many teenagers in America, including myself, use this immensely popular app for entertainment, a way of communicating with friends and family, but also to make and watch amusing and short videos.

Weighing the positives and negatives that could come with the ban can be challenging. Many of the beneficial aspects of TikTok may be confined if the bill gets passed into law. The favorable “For You” page on the app is well liked by many and is one of its main aspects. With this page, a person is able to see a variety of different videos from across the globe. The page is also able to cater videos to your liking and interests, which raises the question of privacy for a user. Although the app can be looked at as a creative outlet for people to express themselves, the risks can certainly prevail. According to Pew Research Center, the share of TikTok users who regularly get their news on the app has nearly doubled since 2020. So, not only are students watching videos on TikTok, but teenagers are also trusting the app for news and updates about current events. TikTok has been known to not be a reliable source of information and can spread false information regarding topics. Not only does the app include a lot of false information, but it can also be harmful to the individual as well. According to Pew Research Center as well, 54 percent of teens say it would be hard to give up social media altogether in a survey conducted in 2022. Many parents and adults understand the effects of social media on somebody and how damaging to a person’s identity it could be. Within social media, TikTok can especially be addicting which can become a large distraction in a person’s life.

Overall, I believe TikTok being banned could have lasting positive effects on future generations that have been introduced to the app. While it will be unfortunate for some, the TikTok’s downfall is what our society may need.

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About the Contributor
Grace Vollmer ’26
Grace Vollmer ’26, Copy Editor
Grace Vollmer ’26, a first-year copy editor is ready to enter the Tower after a long summer of lifeguarding. Starting her sophomore year, Vollmer’s excited to join Tower because she loves to write and she is excited for the opportunities the Tower class offers to her. Vollmer is excited to meet with more people of all grades and get to know more students. “I really like it (journalism) because I love to write and I also love talking to people,” Vollmer said. “I think it’s such a fun class because I get to interact with more people that I usually wouldn’t.” Grace loves to keep herself busy, whether it's playing with Harlow her Goldendoodle, or participating in her multi-varsity sports tennis and swimming. Always ready for a challenge on land, pool, and the court.

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