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Ronin McCracken ’26
Mum’s Arcade, aka Pinball Heaven, has a huge variety of Pinball machines and games ranging from franchises like Alien, Marvel, Jurassic Park and more.

In terms of arcades, Grosse Pointe does not offer many places where friends and family can go and have fun. Luckily, Mum’s Arcade comes to provide a huge collection of video games and pinball machines in many categories for all ages.

Mum’s Arcade is open on Wednesdays and on other days for private events. On Wednesdays, day passes are $8 and the Cult of the Joe Burger food truck comes by to replenish hungry gamers. Mum’s Arcade is also the closest arcade to Grosse Pointe, which is convenient for people looking for a good place to go and have fun in their free time.

When you first walk in, you already have a full view of the place. You get to see the entire inventory of Pinball machines on the right and all of their classic video games on the left. It also has seating in the middle to relax and embrace the environment. I felt very excited after finding such a cool place like this that existed so close. The building may be small and simple, but that does not mean it lacks in all of the opportunities to enjoy everything it has to offer.

Some of their video game collection includes Mortal Kombat 3 Ultimate, Centipede, Frogger, Miss Packman and even more great options to choose from. In their huge Pinball machine collection, they have Alien, Deadpool, Jurassic Park, Star Wars and much more.

Mum’s Arcade is also a nice addition to the community because, besides the village or the local parks or other typical teenage hangout spots, Grosse Pointe doesn’t offer many fun hangout locations in close vicinity. If you are interested in going somewhere like a mall or arcade, you would have to travel outside of Grosse Pointe for an opportunity.

Even with the little choices that Grosse Pointe may offer, that doesn’t stop people from enjoying anywhere they can find—like Mum’s Arcade—to have a good time. Even if people can be satisfied with the locations Grosse Pointe has to offer, it begs the question why aren’t there more entertaining places?

It may just be due to the fact that Grosse Pointe is more focused on preserving history and culture with places like the War Memorial and the Ford House, rather than exciting its young inhabitants. But besides that, hopefully, most people can get by with the options they have like Mum’s Arcade for having a good time.

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Ronin McCracken ’26
Ronin McCracken ’26, Staff Writer
Drawing. Painting. Printmaking. Photography. After a summer spent unleashing his creativity through every possible medium, Ronin McCracken ’26 is ready to take on a brand new one: journalism. As a first year staff writer for The Tower, McCracken isn’t sure what he wants to write just yet, but he’s looking forward to voicing his thoughts in opinion stories in the coming year. “If I see a story that I like, I’ll just try to do that the best I can,” McCracken said. When he isn’t making art or chasing down his next big story, McCracken can be found with a controller in hand, fighting his way out of yet another Mortal Kombat chapter beside his closest friends. An avid gamer for many years, McCracken said he can hardly remember a time without a console. “I remember having a Wii when I was really little,” McCracken said. “We still have it, but it’s not even usable anymore. That was probably the first time I ever played a video game--I don’t even know how young.”

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