South students protest against possible overturn of Roe v. Wade

On May 2, 2022, a draft from the Supreme Court suggested that the 1973 case of Roe v. Wade would be overturned, allowing abortion laws to be created on a state-to-state basis.

South students Isabel Stoller and Alexandra Lefief, both ‘22, organized a demonstration outside of the school on the morning of May 12. Students from all grades met at the corner of Fisher and Grosse Pointe Boulevard, carrying signs and stickers to share.

“It’s time that we stand up, it’s time that the next generation takes the torch,” Lefief said. “It’s time that we finally bring some equality into this world. A lot of people don’t know what’s going on and this is one of the best ways to raise awareness amongst kids our age, and really just get the word out.”

The demonstration was originally intended to be a walk-out, but the school administration stepped in to prevent that from happening. According to Assistant Principal Joseph Spryszak, this was “a fairness thing.”

“Every other group that’s asked —there’s groups on different sides of each opinion— the area (the corner) we always direct everyone to,” Spryszak said. “And that’s also the best place for everyone to get recognition as well.”

Despite this, Kate Ozar ‘24 said the protest still brought about the result she was hoping to see: support. Students were able to come out and protest, without losing class time or facing consequences from the administration.

“A lot more people are going to see it here,” Ozar said. “They’re coming to school and they’re going to see this. They’re going to know that if this is a human need, they’re going to be supported. (With a walkout), people are going to have to stay in their classes. I don’t think a lot of people would be willing to participate, if (they’re) nervous because of the consequences from the administration.”

Lefief said she is proud to see how many people showed up to the rally. Every student has a voice, Lefief said, and they should use it. Just being students isn’t an excuse to stop pushing for whatever cause you’re passionate about.

“Even one voice is powerful,” Lefief said. “It only takes one grain of rice to tip the scale.”