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New digitized clocks in the hallway are just one example of Souths renovations.

All the bells and whistles, South undergoes new renovations

Becca Koch '22 and Natalie Lemmen '24 September 24, 2021

Students returning to South this fall may have noticed a variety of changes to the halls. From new lighting to the unique bell chimes, schools South looks a little different from last year. This summer...

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The path to self actualization

Olivia Walz '22, Jane Kuhnlein '23, and Gia Cavaliere '23 September 22, 2021

Students year after year strive to get the best grades, be in the most clubs and get the most service hours to stand out to their dream college. The dream college that will earn them a good job, so...

UNDER THE SEA-NOIRS Seniors pose mid-paper-mache as they work to transform their trailer into an underwater wonderland.

Floating through class float parties

Julia Kado , Staff Writer September 21, 2021

With Homecoming’s quick approach on October 2nd, South’s various classes have been chipping away at preparing floats, posters, banners, spirit packs, and designs for the morning their class gets...

The Niehaus HR report outlines changes to the student government system.

Changes to student government election system raises complaints

  Student council and student association leadership elections are a normal occurrence each spring. However, the election process used to be controlled only by the student body vote. This year...

Q&A with the new class presidents

Q&A with the new class presidents

Jacob Ashkar '23, Staff writer June 2, 2021

With elections wrapping up these past few weeks, many new officers have been put in office for the first time. Now that many aspects of school have gone back to normal, these newly elected presidents have...

New athletic director approved at board meeting

New athletic director approved at board meeting

Patrick Koeppen , Web Editor June 2, 2021

The Grosse Pointe Public School Board approved the hiring of a new Athletic Director for Grosse Pointe South High School. The new director is coming to replace Chris Booth, who resigned from AD this year....

Photo by Mary Montgomery Photography of Keely Messacar 21.

Great times side-by-side with Morgan Skaff

Keely Messacar '21, Editor in Chief of Pulse May 21, 2021

A big thank you goes out to Morgan Skaff for making me join so many clubs at South. Sure, they looked great on a college application. However, the memories we have and the impact we made through these...

Photo by the Portrait Place of Jacob Harris 21.

Lessons learned in managing mental health

Jacob Harris '21, Editor in Chief of Pulse May 21, 2021

I had a really great time in my four years at Grosse Pointe South. I was surrounded by tremendous peers and faculty, as well as family and friends. However, even though it felt like I had everything...

Culture Week Was a Second Year Success

Culture Week Was a Second Year Success

Lydia McNanney, Copy Editor May 17, 2021

The week-long event provides a space for students to listen to speakers and to share their own experiences, as well as showcase relevant pieces done by South student artists, and according to SEEDS facilitator,...

South will start a hybrid model of learning after the junior PSAT next week. Photo by Victoria Gardey 20.

Breaking: Plans for full time face-to-face plows ahead

Eleni Tecos '22, Supervising Editor January 22, 2021

Shortly after the introduction of the district’s hybrid learning plan, the newly elected school board president Joseph Herd requested a revised traditional learning plan from the GPPSS administration...

COVID-19 has greatly affected family gatherings this year, and is especially impactful during the holiday season.

COVID-19 impacts more than just the holiday season

Maria Maraldo '21, Staff Writer January 4, 2021

Loss, safety and hardship have become the defining words of 2020 for most. This year, the holidays will look very different for many families, specifically those who have lost loved ones to COVID-19 and...

Performing through a Pandemic: ‘The Show Must Go On’ for Pointe Players, Despite COVID-Related Challenges

Performing through a Pandemic: ‘The Show Must Go On’ for Pointe Players, Despite COVID-Related Challenges

Meghan Wysocki '22, Supervising Copy Editor November 29, 2020

The lights dim. There is a rustle beyond the stage, and the curtain comes up. But the light that dims never returns during the rehearsal: it’s the sun, and it’s 5 p.m. a month away from the shortest...

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