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Student desensitivity towards gun violence

Student desensitivity towards gun violence

Sophia Kapla '23 and Genevieve Boutrous '23 January 3, 2022

After the recent events that have taken place in our home state, anxiety among students regarding gun violence has heightened. The following days after the shooting at Oxford High School on November...

Divided Detroit

Divided Detroit

Eleni Tecos '22 and Meghan Wysocki '22 December 15, 2021

Toyia Watts calls it a tsunami. A lifetime Detroit resident of the Islandview neighborhood and president of the Charlevoix Village Association (CVA), Watts has witnessed the effects of gentrification...

Coach Tim Brandon stands on the sidelines talking to a player during the Warren Mott game on September 7, 2018.

Breaking: South’s varsity football coach resigns

Jane Kuhnlein '23, Page Editor December 10, 2021

On December 9 at 2:30 p.m, Grosse Pointe South head football coach Tim Brandon handed in his letter of resignation. After being in this position for 15 years, Brandon said he has accomplished his goals...

School board meetings spark controversies over critical race theory

School board meetings spark controversies over critical race theory

Julia Kado , Staff Writer December 10, 2021

Every school district tightropes the fine line between ensuring that the voices of their community are heard and making educated decisions. In Grosse Pointe, parents can find many ways to become involved...

STYLED TO PERFECTION Before the MMODD fundraiser show began on Saturday, Nov. 6th, the make-up artists ensured that the models’ hair and make-up was flawless, helping to ease nerves.
“Backstage was so well organized, structured, and chill and we were encouraged to take our time, which I loved,” Garrison Briggs, a fellow model, said.

Sewing New York fashion into Detroit

O'Hara Diamond '23 and Margot Murphy '23 November 26, 2021

With the decline of COVID regulations and the return of numerous venues, Detroit has begun to reopen their fashion community with its most recent runway show, the International Design Runway Reception...

Being trans: The perspective of students at South

Being trans: The perspective of students at South

Katie Hamilton '24 and Julia Kado '24 November 23, 2021

*The asterisk denotes a source who wishes to remain anonymous For many students at South, identity isn’t simple. Questioning oneself and what gender you align with is monumental to take on, especially...

RAVENOUS READER Julia Kado ‘24 is absorbed in the Next Chapter book club’s current read. “The Next Chapter book club is covering particularly young adult fantasy and contemporary” Club President Maddie Kitchen ‘24 said. Photo courtesy:

Book club antagonists battle for readers’ attention

Fiona Lacroix '22, Page Editor November 17, 2021

Both the “Next Chapter” and “Coffee Clutch” book clubs are waging a battle for the membership of South’s avid readers. Founded at the beginning of the year, the Next Chapter club is led...

The Leech family at the Big House for a Michigan football game. At the age of four, this was Vivian Leechs 23 first University of Michigan football games.

Looking into legacies

Becca Koch '22 and Jane Kuhnlein '23 November 9, 2021

Parental pressure when choosing a college is nothing new to high school students. However, students whose parents went to the same school go through a different type of pressure. As many seniors start...

Source: The National Crime Report. Infographic made by Fiona Lacroix 22.

Media mismanagement

Caya Craig '23, Social media manager October 27, 2021

When it comes to missing people, social media is quick to grab the story and create an explosion of awareness and information for anyone to like, retweet and share. Recently, the story of missing...

CAUTION: True crimes gripping hold on society

CAUTION: True crime’s gripping hold on society

Grace Whitaker '22 and Cecile Walsh '24 October 26, 2021

Lately, a fascination everyone seems to share is true crime. Whether it started throughout the global pandemic or has sparked interest for as long as someone can remember, there is no denying that...

Screenshot of the @worstparkingatgps instagram account.

Worst parking at South captured on Instagram

Ella Pazuchowski '23, Staff Writer October 19, 2021

*The student in charge of the Instagram account wishes to remain anonymous The bell just rang and you are walking out of school excited to go home. As you approach your car in the school parking...

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