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Meghan Wysocki '22, Print Editor in Chief

Meghan Wysocki ’22 is a third-year staffer and an editor-in-chief for the upcoming school year. Meghan started out in Honors journalism with hopes of finding an activity that she could develop and strengthen skills in over her years at South. “I was really excited about the fact that I could be in something for a long period of time and grow into that,” Wysocki said. Another long-standing favorite for Wysocki is music. After beginning to play the piano at age 3, she discovered a passion and has since added both French horn and trumpet to her repertoire. This year, as an editor-in-chief on the Tower, Wysocki aspires to aid her fellow staff members in converting to a more interactive, visual-oriented form of journalism. “I’m really excited that we can try something new, and hopefully this can stick around for another hundred years.” Wysocki said.

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