Michigan & Trumbull stuns with great flavors, old-school atmosphere

Nina Simon ’21, Page Editor

The Packard Pepperoni pizza, a tasty and spicy choice at Michigan and Trumbull. Photo courtesy of Nina Simon ’21.

Walking into new pizza joint Michigan & Trumble, I felt like I had been transported back in time to the early 90s. The grunge feel of this restaurant- which opened at the end of January and specializes in Detroit-style pizza- was reinforced by the use of cheap banquet chairs at long communal style wood tables, along with cheesy red leather booths. The converted garage style gave the restaurant little amounts of natural light, which added to it’s 90s feel. My companion and I were met promptly by the attentive bartender, who led us to a booth on the side of the restaurant.

It is important to note that while Michigan and Trumbull’s menu is not overflowing with options, what is there is completely amazing and enough to satisfy any pizza lover. We ordered their Farnsworth Funghi white pizza and their Packard Pepperoni pizza, partnered with a salad and a side.

To start, we had an order of onion rings. These were gigantic rings, surrounded by cloud level fluffy breading. They came with a horseradish sauce which went flawlessly with the onions. The flavors were not overpowered by each other at all, which I thoroughly appreciated. In fact, my companion actually said that these were the best onions rings he has eaten in his life, second to none, and were a distance from the second best. I cannot praise these enough.

Next, we had a Yinzer salad, which was basic and had a cilantro-ranch dressing. The ranch was great (coming from someone who eats ranch with everything) and the salad was made even better by the addition of BBQ flavored waffle fries. These hit a tone of Lays chips in my mind, which I enjoyed. This was a solid option for any vegetarian, and even though I am not, I would gladly order this alone.

The pizzas themselves were top notch. Out of all the pizzas I’ve eaten in my life, these have to be in my top 5. The Packard Pepperoni pizza was wonderfully spicy, but it had a touch of sweetness at first bite. The spice, from the chile peppers, was not overpowering at all and went beautifully with the sweet component. Hot honey allowed this flavor to come through, and they created a symphony of flavors that formed my love for this pizza. The Farnsworth Funghi pizza, which highlighted mushrooms, goat cheese and garlic oil, was almost as good as the pepperoni pizza. The pizza had a sort of citrus element to it which was utterly perfect with the bitterness of the goat cheese. The crusts on these traditional Detroit-style 8×10 square pies were just crispy enough to not be burnt, and to not require any extra effort when eating. They offer make your own options as well, though the menu items are phenomenal.
I was seriously impressed by these pizzas, and was glad I had leftovers to savor the experience at a later time.

All in all, I am 100 percent positive that I will return to Michigan & Trumbull. The excellent, affordable prices- which range from $8-$15- make it impossible to not get more than your money’s worth. The food was superb and very tasty, and the atmosphere was very aesthetic. I would give Michigan & Trumbull a perfect rating of 10/10, and definitely recommend it to anyone who enjoys pizza.