This or that: Intersectional Feminists club fundraising to help women, girls


Club members run the fundraising table during lunch Dec. 11. The fundraiser runs Dec. 9-13. Photo by Nina Simon '21.

Nina Simon '21, Page Editor

South’s Intersectional Feminists club is having “this or that” wars every day at lunch the week of Dec. 9. The 10-member group is trying to raise money for Alternatives for Girls, an organization based in Southwest Detroit whose mission is to help women and girls avoid violence, exploitation and teenage pregnancy.
“Intersectional Feminist club is a group to raise awareness for issues regarding diversity, LGBTQA+ matters and issues with women, as well as discrimination based on race, gender or sexual orinetation,” IF club member, Mikaela Daker ’21, said.
This year, the club will hold two fundraisers- one in spring and one in winter. In exchange for participating in the contest (and a donation to the cause), students can receive different types of candy. They want the event to be as successful as possible.
“Last year we raised $200,’ Daker said. “This year we hope to raise as much as we can and just want to do what we can to help.”