Students Choose Between hybrid and virtual learning as face-to-face school approaches

Sophia Kapla '23, Staff writer

There is now having the choice for students to either go hybrid or staying online, which gives students the choice on how they want to learn. It helps students who don’t feel it is right to go back in person to stay online with COVID-19still around.
The school has opened for students to go back in person on November 9th. The students that will choose to go back will be going back in a hybrid format which is every other day of being online at home. The alternative is the option to stay online everyday if there is a concern regarding COVID-19. Benefits of online learning is being able to have your own space. There is also increased instructor to student time also known as student support that gives kids more time with their teachers.
Olivia Yoo ’22 is choosing to stay online because she feels it’s better for her sport and it’s ideal for her and her family.
“I’m staying online so I can be out-of-state for a little better swimming experience. There’s more meets going on in other states.” Yoo said. “And because my parents don’t have little kids to take care of at home so it’s no big hassle to temporarily be out-of-state.”
Emily Colen ’23 says they don’t want to go back because they don’t want to wear a face mask for a long period of time.
“I don’t want to wear a mask for the whole class period,” Colen said. “I feel the mask will distract me from a learning experience, and I feel it’s going to be in the way of me comprehending information in my classes.”
Ella Pazuchowski ’23 said she also thinks it’s not safe and being online will benefit her learning as she feels she can get her work done in her own environment.
“Being online has helped me tremendously in school,” Pazuchowski said. “I can go at my own pace for work time. It doesn’t make me feel overwhelmed and frustrated.”
Pazuchowski says she doesn’t want to risk her health but she does know that being online will be different when others go back in person.
“I feel more calm at home, ” Pazuchowski said. “But I do know that I will miss not seeing my friends every other day and will be a different experience for myself.”