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The Varsity football team holds a record of 3-2 in the MAC Red heading into a matchup with the rival Norsemen.

Fall sports recap

October 23, 2020

Students Choose Between Hybrid and Virtual Learning As Face to Face School Approaches

Sophia Kapla '23, Staff writer

October 16, 2020

There is now having the choice for students to either go hybrid or staying online, which gives students the choice on how they want to learn. It helps students who don't feel it is right to go back in person to stay online with...

Senior Night Faces Some Changes Among COVID-19 Restrictions

Zach Farrell '21, supervising editor

October 16, 2020

For Senior athletes around the country, like girl’s varsity golf captain Peyton Lancaster ’21, this was a tough season. She and her teammates faced a roller coaster of ever-changing regulations regarding safety protocols,...

Sophia Kapla ‘23

September 28, 2020

Sophia Kapla is a sophomore here at Grosse Pointe South. This is her first year at tower and she says she's very excited to be a part of it this year. “I am a little nervous to write in the tower, “ said Kapla. “But I can't ...

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