League of Women Voters plans forum for Grosse Pointe school board candidates

Hannah DiDio '25, Staff Writer

FLYER FOR FORUM Above is the digital flyer advertising for the forum, where participants could submit questions and meet the school board candidates on Sept. 27. Image courtesy of League of Women Voters of Grosse Pointe at https://lwvgrossepointe.org.

With the school board election coming up, the League of Women Voters Grosse Pointe is hosting a forum for school board candidates at Brownell Middle School on Tuesday, Sept. 27.

The event is open to the public, live streamed on the GPPSS website and recorded. Members of the community were able to submit questions they have for all candidates, including William J. Broman, Terry Collins, Sean P. Cotton, Clint Perringer, JeDonna Dinges, Joseph Herd, Ginny L. Jeup, Timothy Kleep, Chris Lee and Valarie St. John.

“We are hoping for the community to hear from all 10 candidates and all 10 have accepted our invitation,” Lauri Read, VP Voter Services said.

The community will have the opportunity to hear directly from all of the candidates and answer a broad range of questions the community sent in. The answers from the candidates will inform the community on their votes.


“The trustees of the board determine the school policy, so it’s important for high school students especially to tune into this board,” Read said. “They vote on everything from the personnel to a lot of other critical decisions that affect your life as a Grosse Pointe South student.”

The board will determine what South’s buildings look like, what kind of programs are held and more.

“It’s, in some ways, one of the first levels of government that the students are really exposed to,” Read said.

Students spend eight hours at school, plus extracurricular activities, so the school board decision affects the student body heavily. Read hopes to get some coverage from a student perspective

“I hope that we’ll see some students attend and (see) the student media outlets for the Tower,” Read said.