The Tower Pulse

Missed school days legislation delayed

Eva McCord ’21, Supervising Editor-at-Large

April 12, 2020

In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, over 160 countries have implemented strict, nationwide school closures, which has impacted over 87 percent of the world’s student population, according to the United Nations Educational,...

5 things you may have missed this week

Sophia Fowler ’22, Copy Editor

April 12, 2020

1. Biden still leads in democratic delegate count- Empty debate audiences and pandemics won’t stop Former Vice President Joe Biden or Senator Bernie Sanders from going head-to-head in the 2020 Democratic Candidate race. According...

Broken breaks

Maria Maraldo ’21, Staff Writer

April 12, 2020

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus in the United States, many students have been feeling the weight of its effects. School is closed until mid-April, along with almost all spring sports, concerts, restaurants, and stores...

C is for cookie, cookie is for chemistry

Anna Cornell '20, Staff Writer

November 14, 2019

Cookie Lab Organic Chemistry is the bane of many college students’ existence. Naming long organic molecules, slowly heating liquids with heating plates so a fire is not started and spending hours trying to picture fl...

Five things of the week 12/22

Alex Acker '18, Staff Writer

December 22, 2017

Tax Reform Passes The Trump Administration has passed their new tax reform bill. The Senate passed the bill with a 51 to 48 vote on Tuesday, Dec. 20th. On the next day, the House of Representatives passed the bill with a ...