Matthew Chalut is drumming to success

Anamaria Garberding '23, Staff Writer

DRUMMING AWAY As a member of Jazz Band, Matthew Chalut ’24 plays the drums to accompany the Christmas-themed jazz set during Band-O-Rama on Dec 20. (Margot Murphy ’23)

The jazz band consistently achieves first division ratings at MSBOA Band & Orchestra Festival. Concert band members are encouraged to participate at MSBOA Solo & Ensemble Festival at Rochester High School, and qualifying participants are eligible to attend State Solo & Ensemble at Chippewa Valley High School.

One band member in particular stood out in the band during the Festival at Rochester, Matthew Chalut ‘24. He joined the Brownell middle school concert band at the start of sixth grade, about six years ago. Chalut’s natural talent has led him to success within his position as a drummer throughout the years. Bands are classified by size, with Group 1 being the smallest and Group 6 being the largest. Class AA are bands with up to 80 members. On Friday, Feb. 10, Chalut was awarded CMU drumming award for the class of AA.

“I don’t want to say the best objectively, but it was one that generally kept the band together the most for the class of AA,” Chalut said.

Due to his growth and success in his early career, Chalut said he worked hard to lead his band along with himself to greatness. Despite his solo performances, Chalut believes the main event that earned him the award was his ability to successfully assist the band as a whole.

Chalut debates with himself whether or not music is the path for him.

“I’ve been encouraged to continue after high school by some people, but realistically,” Chalut said. “I know music school is incredibly difficult, so I’m definitely keeping my options open.”

Despite Chalut’s talent and whether or not drumming will be a career path for him, he will continue his passion for music as a hobby.

“Regardless of whether I go into it or not, it’s something I would love to keep in my future because it’s something I’m so passionate about,” Chalut said.