The Tower Pulse

Creating new hobbies in quarantine

Marguerite Quinn '22, Staff Writer

May 18, 2020

As society continues to stay on lockdown, we have seen many new hobbies people have taken up to pass time. From binge-watching television shows to painting portraits, people have found creative ways to entertain themselves while...

SPLATTER Lily Morgan ‘21 poses in one of her handmade pieces. She sells these
via instagram for varying prices, and does contactless pick-up and delivery.

To die for Tie-dye

May 1, 2020

creative liberty to ‘revise and experiment’ with my work is now limited because of my lack
of materials at home,” Lauren Reno ’20 said. “So many for my pieces will be made of the 4 main supplies I have watercolor,
marker, graphite, and acrylic.” Photo Courtesy of Lauren Reno '20.

Art from afar

April 26, 2020

Opinion: Learning about COVID-19 from a healthcare worker

Anna Cornell '20, Staff Writer

April 15, 2020

For the past eight years Jeffery James Cornell, better known as dad, has worked as a physician assistant (PA) primarily in the emergency room. His crazy work stories would always amuse me; sewing someone’s eye lid, getting k...