Art Student Lilly Parish Learns to Adjust Her Creative Process For Online School

Grace Whitaker '22, Web editor

For students with a passion for art, this school year has been difficult. According to Lilly Parish ‘21, an AP art student with a love for all different mediums, moving her art classes outside of the classroom and into her house has called for some major adjustments.

“My classes just seem a little disconnected, in the online class you just don’t get the same connection and communication with the other students that you do when you’re sitting together,” Parish said.

Parish says what she misses most about being in the classroom is the support and motivation the other students provide. Parish describes herself as a very social person and says the lack of interaction has been difficult for her.

“It’s more difficult to be motivated, I’m so used to being surrounded by other students where we can talk about what we’re working on and be a source of critique for each other,” Parish said.

Parish is currently enrolled in three art classes, AP Computer Graphics, metals, and ceramics. She is careful to make sketches for each project she is working on, but has a passion for drawing outside of what is required in class.

“I’ve always been a really creative person, despite all the changes this year threw at us, I wasn’t going to stop doing what I love just because the format of the class would be a little different,” Parish said.

Parish has an area of her room dedicated to working on pieces for her art classes. She keeps all of her supplies tucked underneath the desk that way she can use it for her academic classes as well.

“I have a flat desk in the corner of my room that I use for all of my school work,” Parish said. “I wipe it down and get out the necessary supplies when it’s time for an art class.”

Despite the struggles this year has presented for art classes, Parish is planning on taking four more art classes next semester. She finds the classes as a much needed time for relaxation during the school day.

“(Art classes) give you a gap of time where you can rest the left side of your brain, it’s really important to have that time for yourself especially during a busy day,” Parish said.