“Sex Education” takes taboo topics out out of the closet

Mia Craparotta '22, Copy Editor

Sex Education is a show about an awkward teen boy, Otis, whose mother is a sex therapist. Otis is surrounded by manuals, videos, and extremely open conversations about sex on a daily basis because of his mother’s profession. Otis decides to use this knowledge to his advantage by teaming up with a classmate and creating a “sex clinic” for other students. This clinic becomes the main plot of the show, trailing off into many series of events.
The show is fun, witty, and sometimes even a tear-jerker. Sex Education is extremely heartfelt and acknowledges the harsh truths and pains of being a teenager. It takes place in England and is inspired by American teen films from the 80s, which makes it stand out from many new shows.
When I first started watching the show, I thought it was strange, which I can confirm after finishing it. It is different from any modern television show I have watched. It perfectly captures the awkwardness, confusion, and thrill of growing up and learning about sex. Though I was watching a fictional show, I felt like I could see myself and my friends on the screen. Within the drama of the show is genuinely good sex education. The tips Otis learns from his mother, such as ones relating to consent and safe sex, are tips viewers can take and apply in their own lives. But Sex Education doesn’t just provide meaningful health education– it also provides a captivating tale of heartbreak, love, and loss.
My main issue with Sex Education is given the subject matter, it can be incredibly graphic. There are many scenes that can potentially make viewers uncomfortable. And while the show does do a great job of discussing sexual health and relationships, it does so in a way that may not be appropriate for a younger audience. When choosing whether or not to watch this series, keep in mind that it does have scenes full of strong language, nudity, violence and vivid sexual depictions.
There are three seasons to the show, and it was worth watching the whole thing. Though it contains uncomfortable and dense subject matter, it is a show everyone should watch. It is creative, inventive and a fresh take on growing up. I would definitely recommend it to viewers looking for a new, entertaining Netflix show.