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Killers of the Flower Moon sheds light on dark history

A riveting movie review exploring the portrayal of Native Americans
Killers of the flower moon portray the story of the creation of the FBI.

Starting off Killers of the Flower Moon, we are introduced to our scenery, the Osage nation, and shown the precious oil around which the plot revolves around. The plot follows the main character, Ernest Burkhart (played by Leonardo Dicaprio).

Later, through a monologue by Burkhart, the audience are taught about the Osage tribe and their culture. The lighting in shots contrasts the differences and helps better the mood of the scene. The characters portrayed are well-written, with emotions being well portrayed.
Even with a three-and-a-half-hour run time, I felt myself well-entertained and educated about the story. The pacing held up throughout the movie and wasn’t too fast or slow.

The main plot stayed on track and never veered off the rails. It was easy to understand the context of most scenes and shows the many ups and downs of the period, such as sickness and open-carrying firearms.

It also shows the generational differences, as the older people we see in the movie are less tolerant and more rude than the younger generations. There’s a lot of death and murder in the movie, some unexpected deaths, most of which are caused by thirst and searching for oil. It also shows the backstabby nature of the plot, with love being mixed with alcohol.

By the end of the movie, I was pleased, and although it was a long watch, the movie was exciting and portrayed the story of the Osage and the turmoil of the oil in an educational and respectful way.

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Vincent Maffesoli '24
Vincent Maffesoli '24, Page Editor
Vincent Maffesoli ’24 is known as a lot of different things, such as a swimmer and a caretaker for his three parakeets, Tiki, Lucky and Sky. Aside from those, Maffesoli is a second year page editor who has always taken interest in journalism. “I like to share my opinions with the school and write stories,” Maffesoli said. After working on the Tower throughout his time in highschool, Maffesoli has grown more passionate for journalism, and he aspires to pursue journalism after high school. “I hope one day I can become a photographer or a writer for a big news corporation,” Maffesoli said.

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