Science Olympiad eyeing regionals, states


Graphic by Evie Klepp '22.

Evie Klepp '22, Copy Editor

Following their first competition on Saturday, Dec. 4, held at Portage Northern High School, Grosse Pointe South’s Science Olympiad team is looking forward to a great season this year, according to team adviser Shelly Rothenbuler.
Science Olympiad is a competitive team that goes to different science-based competitions throughout the year, according to Rothenbuler. The team is comprised of a total of 44 students, each who compete in event categories ranging from science history and physics to scientific design and problem solving.
“There were 33 teams there, and we ended up sending two teams,” Rothenbuler said. “Our two teams (finished the competition) close to the middle, which is where we expected to be. Our goal going into the tournament was to find out what we needed to improve. It was a ‘Let’s see how it goes, have a good time and let’s have fun’ type of event.”
To prepare for the competition, team members take practice tests, study their designated topics or build materials needed to compete. The team is currently preparing for regionals, which is a Science Olympiad competition that takes place later in the year.
“Eventually, our goal really is looking at regionals, which is the end of March,” Rothenbuler said. “We went to (the state tournament) last year, so we want to make it to states again. Right now, (our goal) is really getting ready for regionals and just to keep on improving, get better and be nice to place for regionals.”