Spreading Christmas cheer: Director, singers offer insight into storyline, activities at choir Sounds of the Season concert

The choir performs during the Sounds of the Season concert Dec. 8, 2018. Photo by Ella Diepen '18.

The choir performs during the Sounds of the Season concert Dec. 8, 2018. Photo by Ella Diepen '18.

Caroline Peabody '22, Staff Writer

With Christmas creeping around the corner, Grosse Pointe South Choir knows exactly what time it is. Students have been working and practicing for more than a month to get the audience in the Christmas spirit, according to choir director Christopher Pratt. Pratt said he has been preparing students for new repertoire.

“The concert is a mix of fun holiday songs with some more serious, traditional concert music,” Pratt said. “We have everything from dancing elves and tapping Santas to stand-and-sing concert literature. It is definitely a variety of holiday concert music.”

Tower Belle Julia Hartnett ’21 is one of approximately 120 students under the direction of Pratt, and said she is “enthusiastic” about the upcoming show because it brings different music to the same setting every year.

“I’m very excited for there to be an actual storyline this year,” Hartnett said. “I think it will be a lot of fun for the audience, but also a lot of fun to be up there performing for everybody.”

While the concert is always a little challenging to prepare for with songs, dances, costumes and even characters to adapt to, according to Tower Belle Alice Walsh ’22, it is exciting to be able to dress up and perform the classics of the holiday season.

“I really enjoy Christmas music in general, so it’s really fun for me and everyone else,” W

alsh said. “(We are) looking forward to the Christmas season to learn (as) an ensemble and to perform (all of the music) together.”

With all the fun comes responsibility beyond the guidance of a choir director. Walsh remembered her first experience with this concert last year, and decided to pitch in to help some of the students new to South choir.

“It’s a big transition from middle school choir to South choir, so I’ve been helping out teaching the freshman how to get more in character on stage and (helping them with their) dance moves,” Walsh said.

According to Pratt, there are plenty of activities for people of all ages to enjoy besides the show, which helps get the community in the holiday spirit. Examples include refreshments for concertgoers to enjoy, and, for the littlest attendees, pictures with Santa before and after the show.

“My favorite part about the concert is that it puts people in the right form of mind,” Pratt said. “I really wanted this year’s concert to be a concert for all ages to enjoy, and I’m hoping that I can show people why I enjoy this concert and this season as much as I do.”