Girls sports at Grosse Pointe South


Photo courtesy of Ally Macleod '19

Regan Koenig '21, Staff Writer

Sports: One of America’s most valued traditions. Sports have been loved by almost everyone for hundreds of years, for fun, stress relief or just to compete against others. According to Christina Ibanez “21, sports are fun and good for college. She said inclusivity is a vital factor for her soccer and track teams.

“Everyone’s included,” Ibanez said. said.

According to South’s interim athletic director, Christopher Booth, Title IX is a law that requires everyone to be included in sports regardless of sex. Many say this law helped pave the way for female inclusion in sports.

Although many could argue that the new equity in sports has changed a lot over the years, Jane Baerman 21, said there are still some changes that need to be made by how different people are treated on a sports team.

“Well, for Track everyone is involved and included but swimming is different. Currently, I feel that South sports aren’t open to everyone because there is a financial barrier,” Baerman said. “The coach tends to favor the more advanced swimmers.”

Baerman feels that coaches should be more accepting when it comes to athletes, and that there should be equal opportunities for all athletes, no matter their financial status or gender. Booth said this all depends on the way sports coaches treat their players as individuals.

“You gotta have great coaches. Coaches are the most important thing,” Booth said.“There’s not a lot of surprises there. They’re approachable, they’re good communicators, and they’re fair, that’s what you want your coaches to be.”