Mother’s Club Scholarship Night Awards $40,000 to South Students


Photo by Amy Turnbull

The 2017 recipients of the Mothers Club scholarships in the South auditorium. There were 88 students who received scholarships through this event for this school year.

The Mothers Club of Grosse Pointe South held their annual scholarship awards night to commemorate deserving seniors on Tuesday, May 23 in Cleminson Hall, according to VP Scholarship Carrie Calcaterra.

Each year the Mothers Club designates a portion of its fundraising profits for financial need and merit scholarships to graduating seniors who plan to continue their education at a public or private college or vocational school, Calcaterra said. All of the funds through the Mothers Club were raised by the Spring Benefit Fashion Show, Holiday Walk, Annual Membership Drive and the school store.

In 2017, the Mothers Club awarded approximately $40,000 in scholarship funds that were distributed to 88 students. Awards ranged from $300-$2500, according to past VP Scholarship Betsy Enders.

“This year, we included several scholarships from both the Mothers’ Club funds and community partner outside funds,” Enders said. “Scholarships that are sponsored by organizations and members of the community ranged from $500-$2500 while the remaining scholarships from the Mothers Club ranged from $300-$1500.”

Approximately 15 outside scholarships were awarded to students that were not part of the Mothers Club’s funds, Enders said. These scholarships provide specific criteria for the selection process.

For example, some scholarships were awarded based on the student’s financial needs, Enders said. To qualify for these specific scholarships, the students needed a 3.2 or above. Several of these scholarships include the Renell Perkins Memorial, Jeff Nardone Memorial, Baker Family and more.

“As for the Mothers Club Scholarship funds, these were based off of the students Grosse Pointe South Legacy,” Enders said. “If you have a member of your family that graduated from South, you could be qualified for that specific scholarship. We have someone that gives a Scholarship for Michigan State and someone that also sponsors one for University of Michigan, so if you are going to either of those schools you could have potentially qualified for either of those.”

A significant award granted to students from the Mothers Club was the achievement award.

According to Charlie Francis ’17, the recipient of this award, it was an award recognizing his achievements at South.

“I was very appreciative of the money that they awarded me with,” Francis said. “I also liked hearing what everyone else had accomplished because it was surprising to see what our classmates have really been doing the past four years.”