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Opinion: Black Friday provides experience, tradition not found on Cyber Monday

Zach Farrell '21, Photographer

November 28, 2019

In our modern era of technology, consumerism has become more prevalent than ever. We are constantly one click away from ordering whatever we want, and getting it whenever we want it. However, there is a visible shift in attitude...

Opinion: Cyber Monday offers same benefits as Black Friday, none of the hassle

Alice Scott '21, Staff Writer

November 25, 2019

For many, Thanksgiving alone is exhausting, whether it’s being in charge of cooking a feast, travelling for hours in the holiday rush or simply entertaining friends and family. After the holiday is over, Friday is the perfe...

Do we ever really get a “break”?

Hope Whitney '21, Page Editor

January 4, 2019

Just imagine, you’re sitting on the couch, hot cocoa in hand, watching “Elf”. Life is good. Then, you hear a ring erupt from your phone. You expect a joyous holiday text from a friend or family member, but as soon as you glan...

The season of giving

The season of giving

December 19, 2018