New coffee shop offering a place for students to study

Chloe Polizzi '23, Staff Writer

Photo Courtesy of Vicky Valente

The Subway building has been vacant for a while now, and finally, the vacant area is being filled. The Sugar Bar is a new bakery and coffee house for the community and students. The owner, Vicky Valente, is excited to bring freshly baked goods to the cities of Grosse Pointe.

The coffee house will have a large seating area for students to do schoolwork, and for other customers to hang out. This coffee shop will be a warm place for people to relax before and after school, as you can get a warm or iced coffee for the morning time.

“Like so many others in this community, I miss having a comfy place to go and enjoy good people and great coffee,” Valente says. “So, I decided I wanted to open a place that would have a coffee house vibe with great food.”

This coffee shop is also very beneficial to the community and students in Grosse Pointe. Lilly Henchel ‘23 was happy to give us her input on this new shop.

“I think it’ll be good business for the coffee shop opening across from South,” Henchel said. “Since so many students drink (coffee) now, a lot of people will like to go there to study and do homework.”

With many small businesses open in the Village, the Hill, and now on Fisher, there are many opportunities to find somewhere to kick back and relax for a few hours.

“I am most excited to work in the Grosse Pointe community and create a family-friendly gathering spot,” said Valente.

Even though most students love to find a quiet coffee shop to study, it isn’t everyone’s go-to. Sekou Konate ’22 said coffee shops aren’t his first choice for studying.

“From time to time I’ll study in a coffee shop to find a quiet space,” Konate said.

Some people just simply like the comfort of their own home, while others prefer to find a nice cafe to study in.

Overall, Valente is very excited to show Grosse Pointe her baking skills, while also providing a comfortable environment for everybody to be themselves.

“I am so excited to welcome everyone into The Sugar Bar,” Valente says. “I hope to create a warm and welcoming environment for everyone to come to with their friends and family.”