Parking problems present issues for underclassmen

Chloe Polizzi '23, Staff Writer

A view of one of the few places underclassmen can park without paying for a parking pass. Photo credit: (Jacob Ashkar ’23)

This year, South enforced some new parking rules for students.

Students may only park on campus with a parking pass of some sort, whether S, J or K lot. This leaves a lot of students with nowhere to park and although there are some alternative options, there is not enough for everyone.

Sekou Konate ’22 was happy to share his views on the parking status this year.

“The seniors always had the parking pass to begin with,” Konate said. “The fact that now we are doing where everyone has to buy a parking pass, I think the seniors should have the luxury of that.”

With so many of our students driving to school and so little space for vehicles, it can be challenging to find a parking spot, especially when the situation is first come first serve. This causes many students to have to get up an extra hour before school starts just to be able to park close to the school.

“It’s unfair,” Konate said. “They shouldn’t have to wake up so early just to get a parking spot, especially when they already have to wake up early to get ready.”

Being an underclassman comes with its hardships, and everyone knows that. Lucy Van Syckle ’23 drives to school everyday with her sister, and has trouble parking.

“I don’t think it’s fair,” Van Syckle says. “The lot near the football field is never filled, like half of it is not used up.”

As you get closer to the finish of high school, you learn things. Some things are viewed as fair and some unfair. Van Syckle shared an opposing opinion to Konate’s discussing the early get-ups for parking.

“My friends when they were sophomores had to do it too,” Van Syckle said. “So I feel like it’s definitely fair.”

As the years go on, new rules will be set to try and make a more comfortable environment for all. Alex Lutheran ’22 has been there throughout all of these struggles of being an underclassmen and also having the benefits of an upperclassmen.

“I think it’s important to include everyone when it comes to things like this,” Lutheran said. “I know as a sophomore driving to school it was hard sometimes making sure I was always on time.”

South has always been good about variety and trying to include everyone, but some things are just meant for seniors.

“I think it’s nice to have both of the lots just for us seniors,” Lutheran said. “We’ve had a hard upcoming and I think we deserve this.”