Wayne County Lightfest Brightens Up This Christmas

Wayne County Lightfest Brightens Up This Christmas

Keely Messacar '21 and Morgan Skaff '21

The 2020 Wayne County Lightfest occurs now through Dec. 31 on Ann Arbor Trail to Outer Drive. Streets are blocked off for the 4.5 mile show of lights. Although there was a huge line on a Wednesday night, the wait was worth the $5 entry to the long lightshow. They are open from Wednesday-Sunday from 5 p.m. to 11:30 p.m.

There was a long wait around 7:30, so we would recommend going at an earlier time, although the line does keep you entertained. At first we weren’t even sure if we were in line or already at the show as we were waiting to get to the ticket booth, we got to pass mini light statues. The line took about 15 minutes, and then the actual show took around 30 minutes, but you can go at your own pace.

The only criticisms we have is that the lights are very spaced out. There are tons to look at, but then there would be a gap of driving in the dark.You are supposed to have your car lights off, but most cars didn’t, and that rule was not very enforced. Another reason to go when there isn’t traffic isn’t just the line, but when people stopped to take pictures in front of the lights there would be a big hold up, as well as the traffic at the end made getting out take awhile.

There were many tunnels of lights to go through and different structures from movies. From Frosty the Snowman to The Grinch, there were so many cool moving and changing lights. This would be a perfect activity for the whole family while we are still in lockdown. Being around the Christmas lights really gets you in the holiday spirit, and is a great, cheap and safe way to do something fun with friends or family during this weird holiday season.

We would also recommend bringing snacks and hot chocolate while you watch to really get into the holiday spirit. Overall this trip was well worth the rate, and we would love to go again. I would recommend this to anyone who loves driving and looking at lights. The 2020 Wayne County Lightfest deserves four out of five stars.