Some students have left GPPSS to find F2F learning in private schools

Chloe Polizzi '23, Staff Writer

According to Henchel ’23, remote learning means spending hours in front of a computer screen followed by more hours hitting the books. Photo courtesy of Chloe Polizzi ’23.

Covid-19 swept into American lives in March 2020, disrupting second semester. The pandemic has impacted many aspects of regular life throughout 2020. Some of these aspects include work, sports and school. So many lives have completely turned upside down. In Grosse Pointe, new rules have been set and multiple things have plenty more restrictions.
The Grosse Pointe Public Schools have adapted to online learning for the beginning of the 2020-21 school year, but private schools continue to teach face-to-face. Many families have made the switch to private schools so their children can have access to in-person learning. Morgan Hamilton ‘23 is one of the many students that has transferred to private school, giving her the ability to go in person.
“It’s so much easier to understand being face-to-face rather than online,” Hamilton said.
According to Henchel, she knows many fellow students that have serious concerns about constantly being at home since classes tend to pile up work and assignments may be hidden which has lead to many not knowing the due dates.
“I prefer face-to-face learning because I am struggling way more with online school,” Henchel said. “It’s way more difficult starting a new school year and all new classes especially online.”
Teenagers have spent a lot of time alone this year, and being for a significant amount of time can have side effects. According to the CDC being alone for large periods of time can cause social anxiety, negative thoughts, trouble sleeping and more. Betty Engel ‘24 is a freshman this year at South and has experienced some of these troubles.
“There was no teacher telling me to do anything, my mom did tell me to do my work, but she didn’t really encourage me,” Engel said. “So I procrastinated a lot.”
According to Hamilton, most students who were taught virtually also noticed a decline in their academic efforts while participating in online school.
“I was doing so poorly in my online classes,” Hamilton said. “I had no motivation to complete any of my work and I was constantly laying around.”
When you’re constantly isolated in your house doing homework, you start to feel unmotivated and sometimes even sad Henchel mentioned.
“I prefer face-to-face learning rather than online,” Henchel said. “I feel more comfortable when I’m around my friends at school than being by myself at home.”
While not being able to hangout with friends, school was their safe place and where they felt most comfortable Engel explained. Now, they could be stuck in that toxic environment for weeks at a time without being able to go anywhere to let loose.
“I just wanted to see my friends,” Engel said.
“Although some students personally favor learning from home, it can be very inconvenient for others,” said Henchel Online learning can cause many issues for students and overall, it isn’t ideal, especially for students who need extra help. When the world is in a rough place like this, we all have to play a part in making the most of what we have to work with.
“It’s way more difficult adjusting to new schedules,” Henchel said. “Especially when also trying to juggle a bunch of homework.”