These local businesses are still open during COVID-19

Asher Heimbuch '22, Web Editor

Savvy Chic is open all days of the week for anyones safe shopping pleasure. Photo courtesy of Asher Heimbuch ’22.

Cornwall Bakery, like many other local businesses, has been hit hard during the coronavirus outbreak. However, they have made efforts to keep working and serve customers through uncertainty.

“We felt very strongly about supporting the quarantine and are proud and thankful for all the businesses that stayed on as essential and first responding staff,” owner and chef for Cornwall Bakery, Freeman Gunnell said.

Currently, Cornwall has a limited staff and menu that will stay limited until they increase their capacity. Staff members wear masks and gloves with social distance being the main elements of the work environment, according to Gunnell. Cornwall is now doing deliveries: order on Monday, Wednesday and Thursdays with deliveries made on Tuesdays and Fridays. Gunnell said that the businesses in the Grosse Pointe community will face challenges, but staying persistent and working with others will show their true strength in this situation.

“All businesses have those occurrences, but it is how they interact with each other and the memories and bonds created that define who they really are as a member of the community,” Gunnell said.

Due to the stay at home order, Savvy Chic Boutique has had to close their store completely to in-person customers.

“None of the staff, except for me, have been into the store since March 19,” Lanna Young, owner of Savvy Chic Boutique said. “I go into the store twice a week wearing gloves and a mask when I enter.”

Baked goods are being delivered twice a week at Cornwall said Gunnell. Photo courtesy of Asher Heimbuch ’22.

All surfaces have all been thoroughly cleaned and disinfected since the store’s closure, according to Young. However, Savvy Chic has a website,, that customers are still able to shop from. They have been offering free shipping to everyone and porch delivery to the Grosse Pointe communities. Savvy Chic has continued to assist with birthday gifts, Mother’s day gifts and personal shopping.

“We are looking forward to being able to help serve everyone again in person and will continue to be safe and maintain the highest standards in customer service as well as cleanliness,” Young said.

Yellow Light Coffee and Donuts was slated to open about ten days before the shutdown. As a result, they have decided to put a full-scale opening on somewhat of an indefinite hold for the foreseeable future until restrictions ease. However, they have been working week to week to slowly introduce product and some structured business hours. Yellow Light has put an emphasis on keeping a healthy environment, which means taking the recommended precautions seriously, wearing gloves and masks while prepping any product as well as when customers come to pick anything up. Yellow Light has a drive-thru window, and to ensure contact free transactions, they have set up a little shelf outside the shop where orders are placed and nothing is directly exchanged.

“Unfortunately, it seems like at this point it is going to be a while before we open the front door for people to come in and order,” part owner at Yellow Light Coffee and Donuts, Niko Dimitrijevic said. “But we’re grateful to still be able offer something on-site through the window.”