Teens battle winter weather


photo courtesy of flickr

Anthony Furtaw '21, Staff writer

For many teens, a new license and car is an exciting thing, but it can also be very hazardous when dangerous weather such as snow and ice is thrown in the mix.

Teens who are newer to the driving experience and haven’t driven in winter weather yet aren’t really sure what to expect or what precautions to take during extreme conditions. According to Alex Dulworth, it can be very dangerous for kids when they begin to drive on snowy or icy roads.

“The first time I drove in a bad snow storm, I basically spun out across all four lanes on the freeway into a ditch,” Dulworth said. “Luckily nobody was hurt, but it was really scary wiping out on the freeway, especially because I was alone.”

Anthony Furicchia ‘22 said that his parents have taught him what to look out for on the road, and it has helped him a lot in his first year of driving.

“My mom and dad showed me how to handle a car in winter weather,” Furicchia said. “They showed me how to avoid swerving and sliding, and how to navigate roads in harsh conditions.”

Dulworth says that there are a lot of precautions teens need to take while driving, especially in harsh weather.

“Don’t look at your phone at all, especially in bad weather; and don’t allow yourself to get distracted,” Dulworth said. “Also, drive very slowly and pay attention to what is going on around you, and don’t let any cars that may be beeping at you force you to go at an unsafe speed.”

Emily Crane ‘22 said that parents are often worried about their kids driving for the first time in harsh weather, but she says that it is necessary.

“Without hands-on experience, kids aren’t ever going to learn,” Crane said. “Practicing in the elements teaches them how to handle certain situations.”

Although driving in bad weather is unsafe for anyone, Dulworth says that if you do what you’re supposed to do and pay attention to the road, your chances of a crash will greatly decrease.

“As long as you are safe and attentive while on the road, your first years of driving will go just fine,” Dulworth said.