Class of 2023 postpones annual Coffeehouse


Melody Balos '19 sings her heart out at last year's Coffeehouse. Photo courtesy of Victoria Gardey '20

Julianna Tague '22, Photographer

The Class of 2023’s Executive Board (E-board) has decided to postpone South’s annual Coffeehouse until later in the school year due to its lack of acts.
Class president Caroline Jeup ’23 said there was a smaller turnout at the auditions than she’d expected, which she believes is due to changes made this year, as well as conflicting events for performing arts students.
“The freshman class is running it, whereas in past years the senior class has run it, so it’s kind of different,” Jeup said. “It’s a lot harder for a freshman to convince a senior to do a talent show. And the date (for Coffeehouse) was between two choir concerts, so that rules out some musically-talented kids. We tried to get band and orchestra students to do it, but they didn’t seem too interested.”
Jeup said she and board members made the collective decision to reschedule the event for a later date during the second semester, giving students a chance to audition again with fewer conflicts.
“It’ll probably be at the most convenient time for students, so not near midterms or finals,” Jeup said. “That way, we have all this time to come up with new ideas. We’ll have auditions later and we’ll try it again.”