Model United Nations: Foreign policy and social skills

Malena Lilly '22, Staff writer

Grosse Pointe South Model United Nations logo

Model United Nations is converging for another year at Grosse Pointe South, this year proctored by Jordan Phillips, social studies teacher, and student-led by Abi Wilson ‘20, president, and General Secretary Charles Logan ‘22. The club meets on Mondays after school in room 274, as it attempts to delve into foreign relations and how foreign policies work

This year, after previous proctor Brent Maynard left South for North, Phillips eagerly stepped in to keep the club intact. Phillips participated in Model UN as a student she co-advised her high school club after she went to college.

“I proctored in college and now I’m a board member of an organization that runs conferences,” Phillips said. “I bring a lot to the table and I already have so many resources that I can contact so I can reach out to other teachers who have been doing this for years in order to support me and to support the club.”

According to Logan, Phillips’ position on the board for a local conferences is definitely going to be a big help. The only thing he’s noticed between the transition in proctors is that it took a bit longer to get set up this year. South’s Model UN is going to try to work closely with North’s Model UN this year so that they can go to the same conferences and work together.

“The first time we met as a club we made goals, and one of those goals was to go to more conferences,” Phillips said. “I believe we established eight to ten throughout the school year as well as having more people join the club itself is also something we’re hoping to accomplish,”
According to Domonic Palozollo, he initially went to a Model UN meeting as an extra activity he was interested in.. The experience of meeting new people is appealing as well as getting into politics.

“The team leaders of the club have been very adamant about anyone being able to join despite sports or band or any other commitments,” Phillips said. “If students are interested they can feel free to drop in and see what it’s all about,”

Model UN develops skills such as the ability to research adequately and efficiently, public speaking, being able to practice diplomacy, and being able to have critical thinking skills. According to Logan, everyone who comes finds something they’re good at in the club, and in everyday scenarios..

“Model UN helps with the ability to see the world and see world issues through the lens of other people,” Phillips said. “Because we have one mindset, oftentimes in our society we have one frame and one way of seeing the world, it’s a bubble, and there’s so many different people who see things differently that you have no idea about.”