Opinion: Trump impeachment inquiry is a waste of valuable time

Jackson Jogan '21, Supervising Page Editor

The impeachment inquiry into the actions of President Donald J. Trump has shaken up the political world and caused great unrest amongst the parties. It has shown the great divide in our country, the fine line between violating the laws in our constitution and the inability of our government to function in an effective way.

The allegations stemmed from accusations of Trump pressuring the Ukrainians to investigate presidential candidate Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden and his business dealings in Ukraine. There were accusations of Trump withholding military support in order to blackmail Ukraine into complying. The basis of the impeachment stemmed from Trump’s attempt to hurt a political rival’s chance at election.

I am of the opinion that Trump has not committed impeachable offenses. It has been confirmed by transcript and word from Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky that the phone call that occurred was not indicative of pressure to investigate the Bidens. Beyond that, Zelensky said at the time of the phone call, he didn’t know the support was being withheld. 

Trump was also very transparent throughout the beginnings of the scandal. He released the transcript of the call to the public, which shows his confidence that he did not pressure the Ukrainian president. He met with Zelensky and spoke about what had transpired. 

Impeachment carries a lot of time with it. These are prime times for getting more important issues handled, such as healthcare, border control and gun control in the United States. There is a presidential election in a year. I feel as though wasting this small amount of time remaining before a possible administration change is foolish.

Overall the impeachment is mistimed and possibly even unjust. There is a chance no constitutional restrictions were broken by Trump and his administration. Beyond that, it is not the right time given the urgency of the changes we want to make.