“My AP” offers new practice methods, along with struggle


Graphic by Meredith Kramer '22.

Meredith Kramer '22, Staff Writer

Newly released this year, the College Board has created a website, MyAp, to help students and teachers alike prepare for the AP exam. The website seems to have kinks and has caused little uproar from students and teacher alike. Due to the kinks teachers have been reluctant to use it and most have chosen to stick to their regular teaching methods 

The website is used for all AP courses and has features for teachers to assign homework, practice quizzes and register for the AP exam. The practice quizzes are designed in the format that it would be presented on the exam and is used to see progress. Teachers are not allowed to put it in the grade book it is simply for practice, according to AP English Language teacher Sandra McCue. 

“It’s a way for them to track their progress,” McCue said. “Hopefully by the end of the year they will be able to look back and see what certain skills they our better at.”

The website seems to have some bugs and kinks according to both McCue and AP Physics teacher Todd Hecker. Issues like, no results, showing students did not take the practice quiz and inability for students to see things posted by teachers. This makes using the website difficult and time consuming. 

“It really is just feedback for the kids,” McCue said “When they(College Board) sent it out to us they told us it is supposed to be used as feedback.” 

For students, it is not any easier. Students aren’t super familiar with College Board so not only do they run into problems with logging in but then they run into problems with the new website and it makes things a whole lot more complicated. Although the intentions our good with this new website it seems to cause more stress than helping the kids, according to Victoria Huffman ‘20

“Some of the AP students have tried to use it and it’s been  glitchy,” Huffman said. “Some of the students find it kind of difficult to use.” 

Some teachers like Hecker, choose not to use the website. Hecker prefers to teach his AP Physics class in a college course format. He wants his students to be able to get the most knowledge out of that class before going to college.

“I style my AP Physics class similar to Physics 1 at the U of M,” Hecker said. “I try my best to stay away from the standard textbook classroom.”

Ultimately, the website is directed towards helping students better prepare for the AP exam. 

“If we decided we don’t want to use it we can choose to opt out,” McCue said. “It’s just a simple feature to help in the classroom.”