Opinion: Why South should uphold the tradition of a Sadie Hawkins dance

Kate Skupien '21, Staff Writer

    Coming hot off a successful homecoming, it’s hard to think of school-wide events to look forward to in the upcoming year.  Soon the football season will end and we will enter a seemingly never-ending winter.  

    Homecoming this year proved that school dances can be fun, contrary to popular belief.  The attendance from a variety of grades and friend groups, overall participation, and the skyrocketing of school spirit were all major factors.

    This increase in spirit and participation opens a new door to create more school-wide events, such as a Sadie Hawkins dance.  In the middle of winter, this dance could give students something to look forward to once the warm weather disappears. Winter in Grosse Pointe is miserable and boring, and another dance could add some fun to a winter weekend.  The event would create another opportunity besides homecoming to rally the school together to have some fun and boost morale.  

    The Sadie Hawkins creates an opportunity for gender roles to reverse.  Instead of boys creating an elaborate proposal, the roles reverse. Girls gain control of the situation, and many who hope someone will ask them to the dance in the fall finally get the chance to do so themselves. The dance would alleviate a large amount of pressure from the boys because they wouldn’t have to take all of the initiative.  If girls had to step into boys’ shoes and understand what goes into an over-the-top poster and proposal, the high expectations they have for these offers would likely diminish.

    It’s easy to shoot down the idea of the dance and say that nobody would attend, but with a rise in participation in school events, I think otherwise.  It only takes a few people to start spreading the word and convincing their friends to come to get the ball rolling. If the dance is well advertised and hyped up, I think South students would attend.