Rapper’s new album allows audience to experience a wide variety of emotions

Ian Foy '21, Staff Writer

Juice WRLD is fairly new to the rap game, considering his first album came out  in early 2018 when he dropped “Goodbye and Good Riddance”, which I believe was one of the best 2018 albums. However, he took a fall when he dropped his second album in late 2018 with Future called “WRLD on Drugs” and his new album “Death Race for Love” was his chance to bounce back. He succeeded.

Graphic by Foy ’21.

When I first heard about Juice WRLD, I was very skeptical, mainly because of his name. He seemed like he’d be just another mumble rapper with nothing special. However when I played “Goodbye and Good Riddance” in full, I was astounded. His voice sounded like no other R & B singer/rapper I knew . To add on to that, the aspect I liked best about him was  there was no song on the album that wasn’t at least decent or something I couldn’t play for the whole three minutes.

After his first album, I knew Juice was here to stay. However,  I realized early on he is at his best rolling solo. Yes, he does have some good feature songs, but he thrives alone. This is where he went wrong for his second album “WRLD on Drugs.” For some odd reason, Juice WRLD decided to collaborate with Future for his second album. At this point I was already an avid Juice fan so I was expecting big things. Boy, was I disappointed. There were maybe two or three solid songs but other than those few songs it wasn’t anything I was hoping for. Even though I  like a lot of Future’s songs, I’m not a fan of him as of now. He just doesn’t have the same talent he had a few years ago. Also, the beats on this album did not mix with Juice’s or Future’s voices. All in all, this album was below average and not at all what I expected from Juice.

Juice WRLD recently dropped his album, “Death Race for Love” on March 8. Before the album came out, my expectations  were high despite the last upsetting project he dropped. This is because when an artist drops an underwhelming album, I would expect  they drop something they think would help them bounce back on top or else they would dig themselves an even deeper hole. I would definitely say this new album was a success. At the beginning of the album, he really hit hard with songs  “Empty” and “Maze”. These are the two best songs on the album and Juice WRLD strategically put them in the beginning to draw in listeners. As you go through listening to the whole album you feel many different emotions. Some songs give off a dark, ominous vibe that Juice is known for and he mixed in a few upbeat songs for a change which was nice.