Juice that goes above and beyond

Reis Dempsey '19, Staff Writer

Beyond Juicery and Eatery is a new restaurant in Grosse Pointe Woods.  Located at 21110 Mack Avenue at the corner of Roslyn it is well positioned to attract a large number of visitors.  Even on the busy opening day, it was easy to find parking due to the large number of parking spaces.

Upon walking into the restaurant, visitors cannot help but notice the clean and bright surroundings.  The employees are friendly and welcoming. They are also knowledgeable and happy to answer questions about the huge variety of menu items

Juices, smoothies, wraps and salad bowls make up the bulk of the menu.  Every item is made from fresh ingredients. All menu choices are made to order.

Reis Dempsey ’19
The menu is posted on the wall behind the counter and clearly explains the ingredients contained in each item.  Calories are also listed.

Behind the counter, visitors can see a large variety of fresh fruits and vegetables used to create various offerings.

I had a Razzle Dazzle smoothie and an Avocado Turkey Wrap.  Both items were fantastic. The smoothie was sweet and delicious without any sugar or syrup added.  The wrap tasted fresh and light while containing a variety of satisfying flavors. I thoroughly enjoyed both items.  

Prices are not cheap but are fair for the product being delivered.  My 16 ounce smoothie was $6.00 and the wrap was $8.50.

I highly recommend Beyond Juicery and Eatery.  Its goal is to provide healthy options to customers and I would say it meets that goal in a wonderfully tasty way.  I am looking forward to the opportunity to go back and try some additional menu items.

Beyond Juicery and Eatery’s trademark neon lettering