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Get a clue, build the look for you

Get a clue, build the look for you
Kai Tibbitts ’24


When deciding between an updo or wearing hair down, necklines are the biggest consideration. Long hair can compete for attention with higher necklines such as jewel or halter tops, while updos allow those styles to shine. Whichever style you choose, accessorizing with florals, hair clips or statement pins can add an exciting touch and create a more cohesive overall look.


Statement earrings are an easy way to dress up a solid or simple-patterned gown. It’s also important to consider the hairstyle again when selecting complementary earrings, as updos will leave the ears more visible and allow those statement earrings to shine. However, for dresses with more complex patterns, a smaller earring choice can provide a pop of elegance while allowing the dress itself to take center stage.


Though reaching for a necklace may seem like a given when dressing for a formal event such as prom, oftentimes necklaces can distract or “clutter up” the neckline of the dress. It’s important to consider whether the shape of the necklace truly compliments the dress, which is why keeping neckwear simple is frequently better. A slim, short chain in the same color of metal as other jewelry can complete an outfit while adding a bit of bling near the face. However, with simpler necklines such as a strapless sweetheart or straight neck, selecting a larger statement necklace can add a nice bit of drama to the look.


Seeing as prom typically features floor-length dresses, shoes are rarely seen in photos or even at the event itself. Nevertheless, finding the perfect shoe can complete an already show-stopping look. Matching the shoe color to the tone of jewelry or a secondary color in the dress is an easy way to pull elements together into a complete look. In regards to the style of the shoe, consider the fabric weight. Lighter materials such as tulle or organza pair well with a sandal or strappy heel, while heavier, more solid fabrics pair well with a fuller coverage heel. Unless the shoe will be easily seen through a leg slit or high-low hemline, it may be wise to consider opting for a staple shoe that can be worn again for future events rather than searching for the “perfect” match.


When selecting the right handbag to take to prom, functionality matters. The perfect purse should fit a phone, wallet, prom ticket, makeup products and anything else needed for a fun and fulfilling night. The style of the bag, whether that be a clutch, wristlet, crossbody, handbag or shoulder bag, is more a matter of personal preference and comfort as the purse likely will not be seen in photos anyway.

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Madeline Kitchen '24
Madeline Kitchen '24, Print Editor in Chief
Madeline Kitchen is more than a hard worker, with being a senior and already having a tight schedule, she still does her very best to produce the best content possible as a third-year staffer. Madeline is a bright and caring person who helps anyone when they need assistance. She has also used her time on Tower to strengthen her bonds with friends and create new ones to overall bring the Tower community closer.“I had heard about how cool it was to be able to make all these different kinds of media and I just wanted to be a part of something like that,” Kitchen said. “Something where I had a lot of agency to create my own work and to work with other people towards one bigger goal.”
Kai Tibbitts ’24
Kai Tibbitts ’24, Page Editor
Kai Tibbitts is one of the brightest people in Tower. She's very outgoing and incredibly friendly to talk to, as well as being involved in South's Orchestra and Pointe Players. Her favorite part of Tower is being involved with everybody, but her main passion lies in designing art. "I just really like designing stuff, and I really enjoy being in a class dedicated to design. I'm involved in plays as one of the assistant stage managers, and I also work with art, designing props," said Kai. "I'm a perfectionist when it comes to things I'm passionate about." Kai loves her position on Tower as a page editor, as it allows her to communicate with others to improve her work. Outside of Tower, you can find her in Orchestra, with Pointe Players or hanging out with friends.

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