Tis the season: Winter in Grosse Pointe


The Christmas tree and ice skating rink at Campus Martius in Detroit is a hot spot for many Grosse Pointers. Photo courtesy of Maura Shine ’20.

Maura Shine '20, Page Editor

Winter is a season that most people despise. The frigid temperatures, icy sidewalks and heavy jackets are not what most people look forward to when entering the winter season. Many of my friends will say they want to move somewhere warm, where there is no snow and it’s warm all year long. One of my favorite things about living in Grosse Pointe is that we have four seasons. I love to experience every single season because then I appreciate them more. With winter approaching fast many people begin complaining of what’s to come. I’ll admit I’m not the biggest fan of being cold but for a few months of the year I’ll put up with it, only because it possesses so many other great qualities. I love when Starbucks releases their holiday cups because it reminds me that Christmas is soon to come. I like being able to do wintery things such as ice skating, sledding, skiing, making hot chocolate, and doing secret Santas. These things that you get to do solely in winter are things people, for example, from California can’t experience.

One of my favorite things about winter is Christmas. Being able to live somewhere where it snows, and it feeling cold is what reminds me that it’s Christmas. Christmas anywhere is a magical and uplifting time, but especially in Grosse Pointe. We have the huge Christmas tree in the village all lit up for the holiday season, lamp posts are decked out in plaid ribbon, snow is starting to cover the trees and the lake is starting to freeze over with snow. I love being able to see the snow falling and people driving back home with Christmas trees strapped to the top of their car. This is what makes Christmas special.

This year has been an unusually warm winter. I’m not sure how to feel about it. I like how it isn’t unbearably cold because I’m not sure if I’m ready for Grosse Pointe to turn into a tundra., Yet  without this freezing weather it doesn’t feel like Christmas. I see snow falling when I’m in school only to get outside and see it’s gone because it’s too warm. Around this time in Michigan I’m used to it being in the 20s not the 30s and that’s why it’s usually more snowy at this time. I’m not complaining about it being warmer and not being forced to put on winter boots everyday but I’m starting to wish for the snow. I think the most crucial part of Christmas is having a white Christmas because it’s what you envision when you think of Christmas morning. On Dec. 25, I hope I wake up and see white snow covering the trees and rooftops because that’s when I will feel like it’s really time for Christmas.