Redford Theater welcomes new and improved variety show

The Redford offers a line  up of Christmas classics over the holiday season. The restored art deco inspired venue has tickets on sale now.

Photo used with permission

The Redford offers a line up of Christmas classics over the holiday season. The restored art deco inspired venue has tickets on sale now.

Grace Whitaker '22 , Guest Staff Writer

The Redford Theater, which opened in 1928 and is still in operation, is an all-volunteer organization located d in Detroit. This classic movie house shows a myriad of movies, new and old, on their film projectors.  

This year, the Redford has a full lineup of Christmas movies for their audiences. There are decorations, dancing and movies almost every weekend. The Redford may be known for their classic movies, but one thing everyone looks forward to is the Christmas variety concert.

“It incorporates the organ, which is our calling card, and all types of local entertainment,” John Monaghan, English teacher and a volunteer at the Redford, said.

In years prior the show was just an organ being played with a choir singing. This year, Redford volunteers Debbie and Kurt Kinde are putting their own spin on the Christmas variety show.

“In the past, someone else has done it, and what they’ve done is great,” Kurt Kinde said. “But it’s different than what we have planned.”

According to the Redford’s website, on Sunday, Dec. 16 at 3:00 pm, the theater will open its doors for the public to enjoy Harmony Town Singers, a juggler, a magician, an Aretha Franklin tribute, the Park Players, a comedian and a choir, plus a holiday sing along with a youth choir accompanied by Justin Lavoie on the historic organ.

“For people who have come in the past,one thing I can assure them is this will not be like it was,” Kurt Kinde said.

This year’s Variety Show is all about the holiday spirit, something the Redford is very familiar with, according to  Debbie Kinde. Every year, crowds of people flock to the Redford for a dose of Christmas cheer.

“It’s really fun to be at the Redford during the Christmas season because everyone is really festive and the decorations are beautiful,” Mary Malbouef ’19, a dancer at the Redford for six years, said.

The event will be family friendly and fun for all ages, according to Kurt Kinde. The Kindes have even come up with a way to incorporate the Redford’s staple classic Christmas movie showings by way of an ugly sweater drawing contest.

“All you have to do is draw an ugly sweater and submit it on the day of the performance,” Kinde said. “And you could win an eight foot tall, stuffed with toys, Christmas stocking.”

Go enjoy “Miracle On 34th Street,” “Home Alone,” “A Christmas Story,” “It’s a Wonderful Life”  and “White Christmas” at the Redford this December. The full schedule can be found on the Redford’s website.

“Make sure to bring your friends,” Kinde said. “We hope to see you there.”